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the Eukanuba challenge weeks are not over and Lilly (French Bulldog) seems to be very happy with my new food choice (Naturally Wild, Venison & Potato). She always finishes her bowl very accurately. Samson checked the food as well, but he doesn’t want to eat it (he is very picky with food). I also feed a cup to the neighbors dog and he can’t wait till I put the bowl down (he gets bad food from Pedigree).

Here are Lilly’s results end of the 2nd week.
The food smells good when I open the very stylish designed 30 lbs. bag.
Her defecation is smaller than before we started and it has a good texture and a dark brown color, which is good. She had no diarrhea after the food change and I’m feeding her just the dry food at the moment.
I can’t see any other changes yet. Her coat is the same (she could use a bath), no allergic reactions (thank god) and her energy is the same.
She is the same old Silly-Lilly.

Let’s see, if we can notice something end of week 3.

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