Are you ready for your new family member or just want to browse through our new database of dogs and cats. Enjoy! It could take a minute to load the heavy content.

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8 Responses to Adoptable Pets

  1. Maybe we should think of how Pack People and HeARTs Speak might work together!

  2. Just Pets says:

    So Sad. The real problem is getting people to addopt. Start a newsletter and email at least 10 pets per week/month up for adoption. I see many people like this site, but I can promise you that half already forgot about it.

  3. i would love to have the liitle gray one whos little head is out over the box she looks just like my beautiul karma i live in novs scotis canada what or how do i go about adopoting?

    • yurda says:

      How wonderful! Just contact the listed rescue in hitting the More button under the picture. Unfortunately I can’t really help you, sorry. I need at least a name or a reference number. Good luck!

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