The Adventure of Ken-Mar Rescue - Make an impact!

The Adventure of Ken-Mar Rescue

We were delighted to record our first audio interview yesterday with Ken-Mar Rescue! This amazing team is dedicated to helping end the overwhelming pet overpopulation problem in Southern California and beyond.

Ken-Mar Rescue – 501-c3 non – profit organization located in Los Angeles

Founded in: 2007

Founder: Martie Petrie and Ken Guild, Co-Founders

Interviewee: Martie Petrie / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang

Please check out our highly interesting audio interview here:
KENMARRESCUEinterview by packpeople

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Twitter: @KenMarRescue

Websites Ken-Mar Rescue would like to mention are:

PackPeople – (yay!)

Any local pet rescues in your area

Adopt a Pet –

Petfinder –

National Association of Pet Rescue Professionals –

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