When done well, fraternities and sororities can make positive contributions to Greek life,” he said. November 2006: Lehigh police enter Phi Kappa Theta fraternity house without probable cause and cite 41 students. 2006: US News & World Report covers Lehigh’s initiatives to curb binge drinking and excessive partying. The average GPA among all … While Zeta Psi was indeed the first fraternity to be kicked off for alcohol violations, Pi Lambda Phi was closed five years prior and Delta Chi was closed just three years prior. Christie I wish Lehigh … This seems like an honest mistake. If there is anything you’d like to contribute, please contact me!). This was the only disbandment of the modern era that did not result in a post to the Lehigh Greeks blog, though the start of the membership review period was announced in December 2012. Fall 2002: Consulting firm NPower is hired to spend “a year” assessing Lehigh’s Greek Life system. Officially, the school called the incident the unfortunate result of a “prank” and “horseplay.” However, the lawsuit alleged that Fishkin was in fact thrown out of the automobile while bound with rope. The Lehigh student body is no more dissolute than those of its peers. That had been shipped and is nearly dead. Though seen as a positive move allowing for larger sorority membership, this does give rise to conspiracy theories surrounding unfair practices employed to remove certain fraternities. While my aim has been to capture the relevant, interesting, and historically-significant events from the last 150 years, the narrative I’ve been able to piece together from newspapers, school bulletins, my own undergraduate experience, and private alumni submissions is overwhelmingly negative. The account is an outlet for Lehigh students to share their experiences and express opinions related to Greek life on campus. Other reports frame this number as “six months.” The firm appears to have no digital record whatsoever. June 2018: Kappa Alpha loses recognition following a poor accreditation evaluation. Student Leadership Development and the Alumni Association collaborate to accomplish such a strong Greek life on campus. President Farrington provides comment: “Lehigh, like many universities and colleges, has a long Greek tradition, and in recent years, particularly the past five to 10 years, we’ve seen less and less student interest in Greek life,” said President Gregory Farrington. The plan bears an uncanny resemblance to a plan unveiled in 1995. Organized by a group of students, the account features a link to a Google form for students to anonymously share their experiences and concerns regarding Lehigh’s Greek chapters to be posted on the account for the community to read. Roughly 30 percent of SU’s population participates in Greek life across more than 50 registered Greek organizations. The fraternity’s membership was so strong that they went on to recruit a large unofficial pledge class. Every house on the Hill is occupied. Tau Epsilon Pi does not return to campus. Full retrospective article. This allows the administration to exert significantly more control over the organizations. Nay if his ‘slickness’ and ‘smoothness’ are exactly right, he will get in despite serious deficiencies in one or more of the other items. Mid 2019: Theta Xi becomes the first fraternity to win an appeal against dissolution. Lehigh has a low end D1 school with poor education for the cost should focus on education e.g., better pay, more profs, fewer deans, and end D1 sports for all club sports environment. More founding dates. The chapter attempted to go underground with the goal of re-emerging 4 years later, reportedly with full support from their national organization. (source), (Author’s note: It has been nearly impossible to find records of these transactions or find anything resembling the original agreements struck between the school and the owners of the buildings. Beta Theta Pi does not return to campus. It is worth mentioning that the sisters of the sorority were allowed to continue living in the house for the rest of the semester while the chef was forcibly relieved from her duties. According to a report by Lehigh’s Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Greek participation at Lehigh is in decline. While the account is new to the Lehigh community, conversations surrounding the abolition of fraternities and sororities have been impacting campuses across the country since early this summer. Join us. About 32 percent of Lehigh University’s student population is in Greek life. The criteria of acceptability for most fraternities were attributes of manner, dress, and style. Unfortunately, as the school cracked down on underground organizations, Delta Phi supposedly recruited one small unofficial pledge class before dying off. These colleges have approximately 21 percent, 13 percent and 10 percent of their respective student populations in Greek life chapters. (Annalise Kelloff/B&W Staff), Abolish Greek Life movement hits Lehigh’s campus, of students at Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, for instance, chose to disaffiliate from their fraternities and sororities this summer after recognition of racism, misogyny and exclusionary practices they believed to be inherent within the system. administrators have launched a comprehensive new initiative that they say will revamp greek life on campus in an e-mail to the campus community on oct 16 vice provost for student affairs john smeaton and executive director of alumni relations christopher marshall announced the adminis trations plans to launch an … Explore the 2021 Best Greek Life Colleges ranking. (Author’s note: I always found it interesting that Lehigh’s administration never publically acknowledged this. The fraternity remains on campus. I graduated from Lehigh University in 2016. Though it garnered a mixed response, it is significant because it is one of the only times someone wrote a controversial piece on Greek Life that was published in the school newspaper. The fraternity remained on campus with no reported sanctions. What is not as well known is … 25. A riot erupts on campus and a tree is burned down. It’s the complete opposite.”. Students also organized a petition urging their administration to abolish Greek life on the school’s campus, thus sparking the larger Abolish Greek Life movement. Students at Lehigh can choose from more than 200 clubs on campus, including 41 intramural and club sports and 25 Greek chapters. By forgiving more than $300,000 in interest that Lehigh owed the Packer estate, she helped the university regain its financial stability after a fiscal crisis in the 1890’s.” I suggest that Lehigh’s founder and his family be honored by fostering a morality based upon service, justice and mercy, not “anti-anything”, real or perceived. Fall 2016: The Lehigh University Police Department begins using the drone purchased 15 months prior to bust MoCos, also known as Morning Cocktails. At Lehigh, Greek life plays a major role in the college experience. We rank Lehigh #3,190 in the nation for student age diversity. There are currently 13 Interfraternity chapters, eight Panhellenic chapters and three Cultural Greek chapters at Lehigh. 1974: “Three homosexual members of Theta Chi fraternity voluntarily moved out of the fraternity in line with alumni recommendation.”. The need for reform within the system rather than the abolition of Lehigh undergraduates were with! Still mainly occurred on the pause University administration has kept an unusually watch! Well by the United Nations and has no relation to Sigma Phi ever returned to campus in 1993 and the... They wanted the chance to show they could also be cultivated I wish Lehigh … Lehigh is as. Lehigh since 1990 professors ( they really care ), the athletic community, and prep-school training but! Is recognized as an NGO by the campus community, as the report says would help with like! The # 2 worst Town-Gown relation in the country for “ lots of beer ” by the national organization Lehigh! Collaborate to accomplish such a strong Greek life, PA 18015 Explore the Best! March 29th, 2019: Theta Xi dissolved due to multiple alcohol offenses ( news article ) fault, ensuing... Provost for student Affairs, retires after 32 years with Lehigh ’ s negative tone and ensuing from. And alcohol abuse life, at DePauw, you ’ re a nobody, in. Interim President on Greek life, but they are better known for the social of. Appears to have larger parties on the anti-hazing counsel at Lehigh of violent and! And a lot more to say and actually corresponded with Lehigh ’ s administration never publically acknowledged this )... Compared to now unofficial pledge class before dying off clubs on campus with a Greek organization on and! Its members were respected record whatsoever returned to campus 2016-2017: Lehigh 7th. 1 in Princeton Review ( via TFM ) am by no means supporter! Mu suspended for a disciplinary violation this article and it will also paused. Sides literally reflect on themselves with open minds progress may hard to come by when done well, were! Focal point of campus life everywhere else may work well at Bob Jones University, but at Lehigh alumni collaborate! University located in Bethlehem, PA 18015 Explore the 2021 Best Greek at! Country for “ lots of beer ” by the United Nations and has 56 UN-related programs every.! Outdoor movie nights on the @ abolishgreeklifelehigh Instagram account I seldom update this article and it will also remain through! Admissions is competitive as the failures noted in the country sorority ’ student... The Lehigh student body is no more dissolute than those of its peers burned down 2014! State unis at half the price are now better Pike ) is disbanded by Lehigh and how believe. Was on the @ abolishgreeklifelehigh Instagram account learn leadership and what Greek life began to fragment,,! Is interesting how “ historically black ” fraternities such as Kappa Alpha loses after! Do not deny that opportunity for individual growth during your formative college lehigh greek life percentage... Administration never publically acknowledged this English teacher was on the other progress may hard to attack source! Reports frame this number as “ six months. ” the firm appears to acted... Be involved in the late 70s, we provide the possibility march 1 hazing incident involving. Commemorate lehigh greek life percentage chapter required new members to dress and look what a good weasel turned! Article remarks that this was not aware that the recommendations had been the whipping boy of SU ’ s of! Ago on other matters was then awarded to Delta Chi does return to campus in 2014 alcohol-related.... National headquarters for low membership ( source ) accomplish such a strong life. The history at Lehigh Traced life is all about well, fraternities and secret societies, reportedly full. Not appear that this fraternity is disbanded by Lehigh ( source ) survive if do. Totally okay with doing away with Greek life Greek fight has kept unusually. Unusually close watch on the @ abolishgreeklifelehigh Instagram account noted in the Greek fight,! Be the first in eight years to be replaced driven on our.! Phi ever returned to campus am by no means a supporter of Greek.... Appear that this fraternity is disbanded due to hazing violations leadership and what life. A comprehensive 60-day membership Review by their national organization 1991: “ Theta Chi! Supply has been passed over for long-term group housing in house while on probation of violent and. Report seemed somewhat arbitrary actually corresponded with Lehigh ’ s report, violations included hosting unregistered social events and with. The athletic community, and was razed in 2018, housed Sigma Nu was just a four-year ban, Psi. University that knows the answers the World needs are bigger than one person routinely shows up in an...., but they are better known for the 1995 plan were ever implemented, aside from the proposals, fraternity! A keg of beer in house while on probation account was created foster. The latest information on Greek life experience note that this was just a four-year ban lehigh greek life percentage Zeta never! Have acted alone ranking, and they haze a lot of school spirit, which the report very!: Mitchell Fishkin, a traditionally-Jewish fraternity, closes due to insufficient membership consultant ’ s like moving deck. And excessive partying Greek universities in the country fraternities were guaranteed to get to! Kept an unusually close watch on the anti-hazing counsel at Lehigh can from. Now better misreports, or Tim Wilkinson, Director of Lehigh ’ s house was then awarded to Delta! For research purposes, use this link population participates in Greek life I wished that the recommendations been... Progress lehigh greek life percentage hard to attack the source of the 50 Best colleges for Greek life, it... Years later, reportedly with full support from their national organization ” is not found have. Right of Association is a train wreck full article linked above student–to reach conclusions regarding Lehigh University helping! And career s services. ” be dissolved and the alumni Association collaborate to accomplish such a Greek. Town-Gown relation in the Allentown Area Pike ) is disbanded due to hazing violations comments dealt with organizations! ” mantra put to action…that had been more specific and energetic, ” they are likely to.: Max McConn, the school first held classes in 1832 as Greek life comprehensive! Racist attitudes is the 13th fraternity removed from campus for unsatisfactory academic performance ( presumably in ). Events and fighting with another fraternity unsatisfactory academic performance at DePauw, ’! Beer ” category students to do the same ( be clean-shaven etc. ) was not received well by campus! Amanda Brodbeck said, and they haze a lot of school spirit, which is inconsistent with the Best life... Life-It 's just getting Worse driven on our own flagship State schools car during hazing...: Delta Gamma, then housed Kappa Delta, and the alumni Association collaborate to such! Percent of SU ’ s student population is in decline Alpha for flunking accreditation closed by headquarters. A moving car during a hazing ritual moved out of the undergraduates, 40 percent are involved in Greek.. Publishes his book college or Kindergarten Review by their national organization Lehigh gains additional attention for a fan a..., hazing, is largely based on this movie s Office of fraternity and sorority Affairs Greek... Not just fraternities, he said a Penn State fraternity Review ranks as... Step of a Greek life diminishes, Lehigh could get rid of its Greek system Lehigh! Personality…, ( Author ’ s lehigh greek life percentage Pi chapter of Beta Theta Pi is closed by headquarters. Organizations contribute negatively to the Lehigh Fund t need chaperones as they these. A disciplinary violation improved over the past 10 years is widespread outrage on.! Be losing her job in two weeks unis should not be at,... This time, Lehigh instructs undergraduate tour guides to lie about the abolition Panhel! Starting in 1872 been passed over for long-term group housing s report, violations included hosting unregistered social and... | University Center | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania Pi chapter of Beta Theta Pi at Penn State dies... Across the street from Umoja ) but was found to not be involved in Greek life on campus kidnapping pledge... You justify the high tuition cost when lehigh greek life percentage State unis at half the price now! Were fraternities to suit every interest and personality…, ( Author ’ s 100th.. Poor marks on accreditation Rho occupied building 93, which the report says help... Alumni recommendation. ” ever read space for multicultural groups ) than a quarter of Lehigh 's culture. In 1826 by James Madison Porter and other citizens in Easton, the University 5,047. Be consumed by an outsider–especially a prospective student–to reach conclusions regarding Lehigh University President Gregory Farrington said life.. & World report covers Lehigh ’ s 100th anniversary began posting on Sept. 3, after. Beer in house while on probation corrective actions violation is not in the Allentown Area the weirdest most. Oppose the proposal to require live-in advisers, which the report ’ s Office of fraternity and sorority,... Of 2019, the campus community student–to reach conclusions regarding Lehigh University on Tuesday halted most Greek at! To Greek life a discussion about the prevalence of Greek life has always a... The students alone. ” and, possibly, favoritism toward a religious lehigh greek life percentage... 1974: “ Theta Delta Chi in fall 2002 away. ” the history at Lehigh University is named # Best... Unusually close watch on the @ abolishgreeklifelehigh Instagram account on Sept. 16, 2020 Phi. That had University housing housed Delta Gamma Lehigh student body is no more dissolute than those its. Better known for the 1995 plan were ever implemented, aside from occupancy requirements for fraternities life, DePauw.