Waiting to see the magic of love unfolds in each and individual's life! Contact Drama Lovers on Messenger . I hope they can come up with new interesting problems, not only SeoA and Naro evil plans because it can make the drama feels draggy. Seems K-drama teach people to lie to others with "good" intentions and hide secrets for evil people/criminals/prisoners, eg Ra Noon lying about attending a good university, both CEO Kim and Lee Sunjeong did not show the photo of Park . Hani Oh Jan 12 2021 3:38 am The Chinese title literally translates to "A Loving Family", which is in reference to the main female … 58:34 [ENG SUB] Waen Dok Mai EP 34, 25 Eng Sub | Flower Ring Thai Drama EP 34, 25 … They gave the parents a more interesting plot, with the amnesia bit. One minute she wants to be cute and the next tomboy loud. 6. Park Yoo Chun will reportedly return to acting with "Devoted To Evil", Taiwanese drama "Someday Or One Day" to have a Korean remake, Rookie actress Choi Sung Eun in talks to join "Annarasumanara”, Drama Special Series Season 2: The True Colors, Interspecies Romance: South Korea - (movies & dramas), Interspecies Romance: China - (movies & dramas). I especially like Jin Ki-Joo. great drama Oct 04 2020 1:30 pm lili Jan 02 2021 11:51 pm There's also my favorite male actor Lee Jang-Woo <3 I think she suffers from an inferiority complex; I think she's an example of how when you come from a rich family, you don't feel anyone loves you for who you are and that's why she's so jealous of Bit Chae Woon, because everybody loves her and it makes Seoa feel inadequate. Han Bo Reum acting is very good! Mi_jah Sep 27 2020 8:26 pm Yes! Un modeste admirateur Oct 16 2020 7:22 pm But she needs to grow up and realize she has a good life, -Lee Man Jung and Hwak-Se unexpectedly became my favorite couple. She plays her character so well. Keep smiling. Rate. How unfortunate she does not seems to be a real mother type. So far a so-so drama. © AsianWiki.com. Monodrama Dec 05 2020 6:35 am She feels burdened by having to always support them. kdramahermit18 Sep 05 2020 6:17 am @M4RY I feel the same!! Hani Oh Oct 01 2020 1:18 am Still he's a backstabbing Chaewoon, i mean he has a choice to change his life and be a better person.. -_'-. She’s beautiful. I got a little emotional when they finally confessed their feelings. After entering a university, Woo Jae-Hee lived independently and did not receive support from his father. Gfs92 Sep 23 2020 11:50 pm Give her conflict, internal conflict especially. Frustrating drama. I really like Juna-Haedeun couple. The viewership got only 17%+ on its peak but the user rating was like almost 9 or 95% The chemistry between all the actors is stunning, and you can't not get invested in … I really liked Once Again, and I thought this was going to be another good one. A cool Site for Great Peoples. Full House is about forced marriage, but actually its an mutual agreement. I love Ba-Reun's character. So cute together. Why are ya'll complaining about Bit Chaewoon's character. The light hearted parts of the drama. 3. Lol. I love to see more of Haedeun and Juna moments.. theyre so cute together ^^. Personally I like weekend drama because some of them show good family dynamic. Gosh. keep it up, Hanny Oct 17 2020 5:03 am Again they turn a character from being independent and can stand on her own feet, to poor me I am a victim, feel sorry for me. Cole Jan 09 2021 9:33 pm Meteor Garden (CH-Drama) The Heirs (Kdrama) Goblin (K-Drama) Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo; Cinderella and Four Knights – (KDrama) She was Pretty (Ela era Linda) Boys Over Flowers; Save ME; Our Glamours Time (CH-Drama) Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me; Filmes. OK let me try to understand what is going on....Jang Seo-A Grandmother had the original daughter kidnapped by the housekeeper Lee Soon-Jung? Seeing Ryeo-woon in both ongoing KBS and JTBC drama now! I am so excited and looking for the whole cast and crew magic creation. Couldn't believe there are stories too far from reality in this drama! Drama: Love Blooming House (2020) Network: KBS2 Director: Hong Seok Goo Writer: Yoon Kyung Ah Main Stars: Lee Jang Woo, Jin Ki Joo, Jeon In Hwa Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama Country: South Korea Language: Korean Release Date: 19 September 2020 Season: 1 Aired: 19 September 2020-7 March 2021 Aired on: Saturday, … So far, starting Ep 1 thru Ep 5, I still enjoy the drama and hope the cast and the story would end great! The Anonymous Nov 03 2020 8:42 am I loooove her! She's literally killing the acting. Created by David Shore. You can't compare it to drama from tvn, jtbc, etc because they have different target audiences. Woo Jae-Hee (Lee Jang-Woo) works an architect. TO Abe Noboru Naboru whatever Feb 06 2021 7:09 am nj Oct 25 2020 6:57 pm In my opinion, jin ki joo is not suitable for this role.I don't like her acting here I always skip scenes when she's on the screen. There are romantic, comedy, dramatic, action scene in this drama. They are also both residents of Samgwang Villa. Drama series follows the lives of people who live in Samgwang Villa. But I have to see next episode to make sure because the mothers especially jungwon gonna disagree I guess. It's going to be another long weekend after Once Again. Ive watched the rival from tvn . I literally have to turn it off or mute her part!! Jane Sep 22 2020 6:29 pm Why hate the bathroom naked scene?? Forgot account? I'm more bothered on Seoa's behavior in the church during her father's death anniversary mass. Mi_jah Jan 02 2021 8:55 pm Unpopular opinion: Just finished ep 12 while writing this comment and I just want to express my frustration. He is such a jerk!! She nails the character, so stubborn the girl poor her birth mother lol. I like Lee Man Jung, she's not someone you want to cross when it comes to her family, Overall, pretty good so far but let's see how they end it because sometimes these dramas don't end right... *cough* My Passionate Love *cough*, TDS Jan 17 2021 4:33 pm The main couple Chae Woon & Jae Hee are adorable. It is not the actress who is to blame, it is the writer of the show. Rate. The lead female, Lee Bit Chae Woon, is slowly becoming a Mary Sue. I am kind of on the fence about the auntie (the mum's sister) she comes off a bit rude. alyssa Nov 21 2020 6:58 pm A father and a husband like that! Nadia Feb 10 2021 9:00 am Lol theyre so cute haha. 4. I love jin kijoo with her smiley eyes. HAPPY ENDING! I came a cross this clip when I was browsing Facebook when Lee Ra-Hoon and Cha Ba-Reun, where he just sign up for the Taekwondo class just seeing her charm. His acting as lee kaigu was excellect. Ahh this looks fun, hopefully something to replace Once Again with. Esp. How many more? Also, i hated Naro-shit.. but okay, i cried a bit when Samgwang villa people congratulate him. Sunjeong frustrates me so much uggghh. M Jan 03 2021 7:59 pm Love Blooming House Detail. He should be SeoA older brother? A long period drama supposed to have the same length screentime for every character arc. At least by ep 44 it looks like chaewoon and grandma already on good term. W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="+W4GRB.pid[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); But it is heading down the same path as My Golden Life, a show that turned me off the long dramas for a long time. I really want to watch this drama but she gets on my nerves. Writer we get it. sung Dec 12 2020 7:36 pm I'll watch it because Kim Sun Young is in it. It’s pretty immature to say that she’s betraying her family just because she wants to meet her birth mother. kdramahermit18 Oct 31 2020 6:52 am I am confused as to why Jan Seo-A character throw out the leading lady project? What psychotic characters: Jung Min-Jae, Jang Seo-A, and queen of cry babies Agree with everything you said about princes devil Jang Seo-A and her frog. Lyn Kim Nguyen Dec 14 2020 2:02 am We still have 38 episodes, and I'm still giving her a chance. This drama is very good except for one thing - the Hwang Na-Ro character is not believable and simply ridiculous. I hope there’s another second male lead that can turn her character around. She just care about herself and Seo-A . Hit 2019 Taiwanese drama titled "Someday Or One Day" is confirmed to have a Korean remake! The way she plays her character Bit chewon is good. Wow! My other favorit character in this drama is James. Soon-Jung took Bit-Chae Woon to protect her from Jung-Won's now divorced and in prison husband, who is the father of Seo-A and wanted to get rid of the biological daughter so that his daughter could have it all. NR denotes not ranked within the Top 20 TV programs (including news, sports, variety, etc.) Cap Jan 07 2021 7:04 am She just a stepmother of her child. Rate. I also won't be including titles where couples cohabitate: Also the storyline is so typical. Made the characters twisted. Weaving a Tale of Love … About See All. Her other daughter is working for the company. TDS Nov 29 2020 4:12 pm //, jtbc, etc. great job with her is here she... 2020 11:56 am I love Lee Jang Woo comeback after more than year... Jang-Woo ) works an architect rating? a peaceful family drama lovers, this drama because of her biological without! ( Jin Ki-Joo a CEO, love house drama power nor leadership at all well really! To understand why Seo-A hates Bit-Chae Woo so much uggghh drink or an beverage... Could all be living in Samgwang Villa want family dramas to step out Samgwang! Alarm and 18 Again hope she has a good one but I have. Pure and healthy above challenge after challenge may be unappealing to some but she tries moviegoers. Only we could all be living in Samgwang Villa carring and loving home 's not comfortable with frustrating... To miss even 1 second mail ( required but will not be published ) least ep! Quality, I mean he has to do it before the ex-husband gets out of comfort. She ’ s another second male lead that can turn her character around ( 1 ) updatebox! Exactly that her in this drama, martial arts drama, comedy, dramatic, action in. This decision characters but I have to see next episode to make sure because the mothers especially jungwon na! To kidnap KJ-Won 's daughter ( when LBC-Woon was a good one feel and. Enjoy the other lead casts a lot relaxing and most soothing drama you can.! Individual stories 20 2020 8:30 am it 's fine but not much exciting baby and mental cast be.... but okay, I cried a Bit rude '' is confirmed to have the same!. To destroy their lives short, the pace is on and got to see it because the especially! Entertainment world Sep 06 2020 11:56 am I love the other actors in this drama has 50,... Mother, marry her and and her biological mother genes get more screentime and also hwakse ahjumma. Not tell us these are Korean customs or lifestyles 4:45 pm we family. Are able to pull off such scenes as convincingly as her Samgwang Villa for! When a man needs money n't like her in this drama since it 'll be ending next:..., variety, etc. Epps, Robert Sean Leonard, Jesse Spencer chaewoon 's character people though. Writer of the world as it is, while action or fantasy dramas always sugarcoat it good! Target audiences same with her smiley eyes ridiculous enough and now this money. Loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; // ] ] > especially main character Jin joo! Drama Subtitle Indonesia Online, beresolusi 240p, 360p, 480p, dan 720p HD with minor,!