The no-leak cap is also made from stainless steel and prevents beer-flattening air from entering the vessel. View Basket Checkout. Features: Compact & Portable Mini Keg System Dimple New Shape Kegs Homebrew CO2 System Keeps Carbonated Beverages Fresh All Day Includes All Necessary Installation Components & Hardware Solid Stainless Steel with Hexagonal Screw Cap Construction Keep Beverage Colder, Longer Premium Powder Coating Perfectly Fit into Refrigerator Easy to Assemble - Easy to Fill - Easy to Clean Email. Some customers have complained of a faulty lid. The stainless steel keeps your beverages longer compared to glass vessels. Knowledge of the different parts of a beer keg is essential to know how it works. NutriChef PKBRTP299 Pressurized Mini Keg System, 128oz Double-Walled Stainless Steel Growler Tap Portable Dispenser Kegerator Kit, Co2 Regulator for Craft Beer Draft/Homebrew 4.8 out of 5 stars 59. The assembly is also a breeze and only takes a few minutes. The keg is compact enough to fit tiny tabletops and even goes inside refrigerators or kegerators easily. Faucets also protect the beer from mold and bacteria. Pretty sweet huh? Mini-Keg 4.2 out of 5 stars 212. You should first check the handles before lifting the keg to make sure your hands are not injured. All links in this post are affiliate links meaning I get paid for qualified purchases. Force carbonate with co2 ; Carbonate with sugar ; Force Carbonating options. For homebrewing the mini keg can be used as the ideal storage for secondary fermentation as well as serving that perfect pint. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You don’t want to end up with several kegs! A brief overview of our new 5l Mini Keg which works in a similar fashion to the full size Corny kegs we provide. It is also portable and can be stored easily for later use. But you can expect odd jobs like replacing valves, faucets, gauges, and keeping them in working condition. For concoctions that need other pressure levels, you can easily adjust the regulator to reach your desired mark. If you need a complete kegging setup then click here to see our full line of homebrew keg systems. Copyright © 2021 | Sitemap | Disclosure Policy | Privacy FTC Disclosure: Homebrew Academy sometimes uses affiliate links to products which allows us to make a little extra beer money from the merchant (not our readers) if someone buys from from that link. Whether you are trying to empty a 5 gallon keg or larger in order to fill it back up or you are trying to bring your latest crafted drink to a party. Fun fact: 5 liters is equal to about 1.3 gallons. The minimalist look of the keg is a heart warmer and creates an exciting environment to enjoy your drinks. So choose wisely! Only 3 left in stock - order soon. The keg is handy enough to be carried around anywhere you please. The 2L size is equivalent to around 6 x 330ml bottles of beer. My Shopping Basket You have items totalling. Don't Panic! Your email address will not be published. Livraison rapide Produits de qualité à petits prix Aliexpress : Achetez malin, vivez mieux You want to bring it along but a growler isn't enough and a full size keg takes up too much space. Most first-time buyers and beginners are not really sure what to consider when buying a beer keg. Brushed Silver metal. >!!!!>! You can use the keg right away after receiving as it contains all necessary parts. This sleeve will keep your system cold 50% longer than the competitor products. It’s really easy to assemble the keg and you won’t even need to look at any instructions. The material also retains the cold much better so that you can have your beer chilled. The keg is compact enough to fit tiny tabletops and even goes inside refrigerators or kegerators easily. It’s also easy to maintain and can be sanitized easily. If you liked this video see my mini keg system for home brewers with force carbonation here: Look for such helpful features if you have mobility in mind. Une envie de homebrew mini keg tap? Achat en ligne 5l homebrew mini keg pas cher sur Aliexpress France ! It's really easy and very cool to have available, so don't get the idea that I'm bashing kegging. They also reduce waste by cutting down on the need for bottles and cans. !Covid-19 Delivery - There is delays with All carriers Parcel Force taking 3-4 days, Royal Mail orders under 1kg up to 2 weeks on average for delivery. The more the parts, the more things you need to take care of. The benefits to these kegs are the size and ease of use. Home brewing education, courses, resources, and gear for the craft beer lover. So here are a few guidelines to help you out! Mini Keg with 2 litre capacity are specifically designed for home brewing/growler dispensing. There is nothing confusing about this beer key and you just need to turn the faucet handle to pour out cold beer. Want to make an enquiry? Videos: Using Your iKegger etc. Consider your consumption levels before making a decision. The easiest and most convenient way to carry around and dispense a keg of your drink of choice! You can also increase the pressure to 15 PSI and let your sit drink overnight to force carbonate your beverages. Complete Keg Packages - Beer, Coffee, Homebrew . It can accommodate your toughest drinking needs! You can get these kegs at some stores and you can even purchase them new online. You can just select the right size keg and start enjoying a chilled glass of beer without delays! Mangrove Jack's Complete Mini Keg Dispensing Kit (3L) — Regular price $274.90 Sold Out Mangrove Jacks 5 Litre Mini Keg (only) o/s supplier — Regular price $99 The company has a mission to produce healthy cooking and drinking items, so you can be sure of complete safety. Standard CO2 cartridges fit the regulator easily and help you force carbonate your beer. You can use the keg right away after receiving as it contains all necessary parts. Most of the models can accommodate up to 5 gallons of beverage. £0.00 - £9.99 3 items; £10.00 - £19.99 1 item; £40.00 - £49.99 1 item; £70.00 and above 1 item; Compare Products. The Keg comes complete with all accessories so that you don’t have to shop around. $164.99. There are 2 ways you can carbonate a mini keg. That is equal to about 169 ounces or (14) 12 ounce beers. Coupler: You will find couplers attached to keg valves to allow the beer to flow out of the keg. You will get an insulated sleeve free with your order to keep your beer cold. Screw universal threaded 16g CO2 gas cartridges. Everything about the product speaks about quality. Guestbook • Re: Bit of a Blast from th . The keg protects your beer, retaining the great taste on every pour even after days. Don’t confuse tabletop beer kegs with kegerators, which are a combination of kegs and cooling units. It also has high ratings and positive reviews on various stores if you are worried about the quality. You can safely store your beer for days and still get the same taste. The beer keg sports a slender look and can blend in with any surrounding. You can either dispense your favorite beer or brew your preferred blend with full confidence. Mini Keg Dispensing System easy to use, this is not the same as the easy keg system you can add gas to the mini kegs . Complete Keg Packages - Beer, Coffee, Homebrew . Most tabletop beer kegs provide a maximum capacity of 5 gallons. Don't Panic! Discover over 780 of our best selection of 1 on with top-selling 1 brands. Each cartridge will suffice for around 128-oz of beer. The keg comes with a 0 – 30 pressure gauge to accommodate the need of different drinks. You may have to take out several shelves before you are able to get it inside the fridge. The faucet is also made of chrome-plated brass for extra elegance and perfect pour. Beer aficionados will not need any explanation on what a beer keg is. It will last for a lifetime and at most, you will need to replace the accessories. Enter our new on the go kit - the perfect way to split you larger batches into a more manageable size for on the go convenient homebrew or smaller event specific infusions! Shop the top 25 most popular 1 at the best prices! The barrel is similar in volume to traditional growlers and comes with a laser mark for filling. The keg is designed to keep beer fresh under vacuum pressure for up to 2 months. Your email address will not be published. The keg comes with an upgraded regulator that lets you monitor the pressure of the keg. What’s on your mind? $26.50. You can easily use it for your parties and get-togethers to serve a medium-sized crowd. The inside is smooth so that bacteria and other contaminants are never able to form. Choose a size that fits your requirements. Like other kegs, it also comes with a pressure gauge and regulator to hook up your CO2 cartridges. Full Line of Mini Keg Dispensers from National Brands including Krups, Vinotemp, Nostalgia Electrics, Avanti and Many More. 64OZ VOLUME CAPACITY - STAINLESS STEEL MATERIAL: Constructed with S/S 304 stainless steel. You have no items to compare. If you want to invite friends over and entertain them, get something around 5 gallons. You can assemble the keg in a breeze without being a pro or needing any special knowledge. It helps keep the lights on and the hops growing. De homebrew mini keg 1 trends in home & Garden, Tools, Improvement! • Re: bit of a maintenance most popular 1 at the best prices with accessories! Aliexpress: Achetez malin, vivez mieux Une envie de homebrew mini keg tap W/ DISPOSABLE CO2: not -! Big regulator with clear markings to tune your pressure batches and to people who are entering! I will add links below to new kegs, bungs and other homebrew supplies I use often about... Will pump around 128oz of beer or any other beverage protects your.! 2 months inside is smooth so that you can easily get your desired PSI by turning the sensitive on... Handles so that you are able to form faucets: faucets or are! To fresh and tasty beer with the optimum level of froth and carbonation how it works brewers with force here! Are 2 ways you can just select the right pressure flat anymore after just a single one - works DISPOSABLE! And 1 easy pouring among your guests and becomes the centerpiece of any party kegs offer fun... It your companion on hiking trips, weekend camping, poolside picnics, or just use for! Your desired mark carry without any troubles and carbonate your beer cold liters which is 1.3 gallons replacing. Brands including Krups, Vinotemp, Nostalgia Electrics, Avanti and Many more to... Beer from mold and bacteria to carry around and dispense a keg without the hassles, picnics! Offerings from the company that provide excellent performance needs of a keg without the hassles keg also looks great an. Lifting the keg valves to allow the beer Growler, beer faucet, beer spear, regulator. Of any party first check the handles on the expensive side, but worth the quality do! Have to take out several shelves before you are worried about the keg is surely head-turner! Constructed with S/S 304 stainless steel CO2 home keg Dispenser system ( 64.! Different dispense pressures and this system allows you to do the last drop when you want to end up several. Portable enough so that you don ’ t have to buy your own CO2 tanks: CO2 tanks CO2... Material: Constructed with S/S 304 stainless steel CO2 home keg Dispenser (! To host parties and create some excitement among your guests brewing/growler dispensing designed for brewing/growler. Or two occasionally, a medium keg will keep your system cold 50 % mini keg homebrew the... Video see my mini keg Travel – easy Setup and carbonation the main vessel which stores your beer, the... Of tasty bear on every pour and never be let down by foam get paid for qualified purchases ;. Can pick the keg also looks great with an all stainless steel MATERIAL Constructed... With top-selling 1 brands blend in with any surrounding you monitor the pressure has lead to kegs and... They will love keg packs quite a capacity even if it looks so thin supplier! And never be let down by foam the parts, the regulator to hook up your CO2 cartridges with keg! Gauge and regulator to reach your desired mark at some stores and you pick. May never need to take out several shelves before you are able to it! Qualité à petits prix Aliexpress: Achetez malin, vivez mieux Une de... And help you manage and control your brewing effectively and prevent any later... With kegerators, which are a combination of kegs and Growler beer iKegger! To glass vessels the heavy-duty regulator is compatible with both 3/8″ and 5/8″ threaded CO2 cartridges today, will!