Took a while to figure out how to get my phone to work through the car's audio system. ", "O2 sensor went quickly. Backing up in reverse, not just rolling backward, then going into drive requires an application of the foot feed to engage the transmission. ", "Squeak occurs on initial applications (not always)". The command response is VERY slow, and doesn't always interpret the command correctly. Seems to have been a factory quality control problem", "A little nick on the perimeter of the sun-roof developed into a crack in the outer pane. ", "From the beginning, the in dash system is out of date with area maps, periodically freezes etc. Turns out the new alignment was wrong and the tires faced inward. ", "The indicator light for washer level stays on even when the washer levels are full. I have had three appointments at my Subaru dealership to try and get this issue resolved. ", "The unit was part of a known problem and was replaced under warranty", "In Spring 2019, AC stopped functioning. ", "wind noise above 40 mph from driver's window or door, dealer unwilling or unable to fix it (claim they don't hear it)", "Wind noise is more pronounced than other vehicles", "Driver side window or door has an air sound like it's not shut tightly when it is shut tightly. Ford E-Transit Forum NEW! It was helpful, but did not completely eliminate it", "The X1 transmission mode could not be turned off because of a defective control module. 2nd failure due to evaporator leak. ", "Metal got into the transmission when the clutch broke. If there is a problem with your compressor or evaporator, adding freon will not restore cooling. ", "Leak was small hole in condenser. Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2014 Subaru Outback A/C Compressor from AutoZone. There was no blockage, or accident, or any other reason. Honda is using insulating tape for wiring impregnated with capsaicin. worst part is, is the it is known within the Subaru community that their NAV systems are not that good. It doesn't last too long really about 5 minutes. He advised the 2018 models have much better driveabilty and responsiveness. 3.2 out ... A/C Compressor Clutch Coil Assembly Kit 4472607940 73111AG000 73111AJ040 88410B1010 Compatible with Legacy 4CYL 2.5L & Outback 4CYL 2.5L 2005 2006. I've owned multiple new manual transmission cars in my lifetime. Could have had it fixed under warranty if I would have remembered to bring it to Subaru's attention. $400", "The check engine light came on. ", "Right front wheel bearing failed while under warranty. The results are presented relative to the average model that year. Would not recommend this car, the outback or Subura to anyone - EVER. He said it did not matter. I live in a rural area and it is not possible to get to a car wash with warm water and it would clog back up before I got home. Covered by extended warranty. ", "ac blowing warm air, mechanic added refrigerant", "Leak was caused by defective condenser. Order online at and get your parts tomorrow. Passenger side seat needed to be replaced to see if it was the source of the problem, which it was. I had to have it towed to the dealership. Car is on extended warranty so I paid $100 to replace with new", "Started late spring 2020, blowing out only warm air. ", "This problem was corrected but has reappeared intermittently. Repair was done under warranty, and Subaru gave us the use of a loaner car while ours was in the shop. ", "Last winter I noticed that the defrost setting didn't seem to clear the windshield as well as it used to. For some reason they do NOT gently inch forward, but suddenly the transmission kicks in and the car lurches forward. "Automatic CVT. Pulley Tool. ", "repaired under warranty, known issue this year and model", "A/C stopped working during the early summer. Get Yours Today! As of today, May 4, car is still in shop due to staffing reductions. ", "March 2,2020 ignition would not turn. I think it is the automatic control lift arm for the rear gate. Because of these kind of things we cannot rely it GPS in this car to get us safely to locations we are not familiar with. Took vehicle to 3 week wait where they discovered the faulty condenser and would order a replacement. When we took it in for service at a new dealership they found this problem", "The air conditioner was blowing warm air for about a week last spring in 2019 and it was under warranty and was fixed. can tell you exactly how much warranty is left. The GPS did not follow route it showed it would and changed as we were traveling on a trip. I believe the trim came loose from the dealer's showing the car or by its own. ", "See listing of problems already detailed under GPS", "SUBARU FORESTER 2017 Voice recognition does not work. I have driven three other 2017 Foresters; all were immediately responsive after shifting R>D, as expected. ", "Warning system stopped working, was replaced under warranty at next service that was due soon after system stopped working. They had to replace a main component in the dash. I think the tranny had too much fluid. I now just use the aux cable. ", "Lost cold air, refrigerant was replenished. It's ridiculous and would prevent me from ever buying a subaru", "We got it fixed. As mentioned, he couldn't replicate the problem, which I believe had to do with his driving style. ", "suddenly failed, needed replacement, attributed as factory defect at repair site", "The compressor stopped working because the part broke and had to be replaced. Suspect air in line or caliper jammed. Dealer first misdiagnosed as brake rotors. I drive in the city only, but Subaru refused to cover this under warranty. ", "The phone pairs about 95% of the time, what does not happen at all is the bluetooth sytem oes not bring over my favourites. I reported it to NHTSA because it would skip out of gear while driving. Reactivate now we were told us so for patch was applied, and the problems should not recurr. ", "rough shifting. Had dealer look at it twice before we duplicated the trouble. 4 weeks to get a condenser replaced. Took 8 times but the dealer finally got it fixed. I have taken car in for OIL TESTING on at least three occasions. ", "the paint dings too easily. Update in road construction not noticed by gps. ", "Whining noise when accelerating and decelerating developed in March. It took me from a car I loved to a car I was afraid to leave the house in. Could it be the airbag?? To make long story short, the other driver's insurance company, USAA, said a test done at Subaru showed the problem was not the result of the accident because the transmission fluid was discolored -- which seems odd since the car had only 38,000 miles on it at that point. This problem hasn't been fixed yet. Took it in to local dealer, they diagnosed problem with turbo, ordered new part and replaced it in one day no charge.". The battery would not hold a charge, despite being only 2 years old. Subaru seems to think it's an acceptable feature. ", "some minor noises in the steering linkage", "No one can find the rattle in my dashboard. I took it to the Subaru dealer they replaced a sensor under the front passenger seat free of charge. This time, I made sure they knew is was not ignorant and even if I had no experience with 12 volt auto and computer DC systems (I did but really wanted them to fix what they ignored previously due to any warranty problems that might have occurred if I started with just checking the drain on the battery and the charge the battery would hold}. It chips, it peels, it cracks, it is generally a hot mess and this was my thought only 3 months into owning it. ", "MY RIGHT FRONT CV JOINT AND AXEL HAD TO BE REPLACED. From cabin filter changes to major system repairs involving compressors and evaporators, we have the replacement A/C & heating parts for your 2003 Subaru Outback. ", "Electrical harness issue, had to be replaced", "The bulb keeps blowing and it is a huge pain to change it! Also back door does not always work with the remote control", "Comes on semi frequently, does not indicate which tire. It took two "oil consumption tests" but my dealer verified that the oil consumption was excessive and replaced the short block under warranty four months and 3,000 miles later. ", "After receiving the Sirius XM signal for about 1 year, I ceased to receive it, or, if I phoned to have it resent to the car, it ceased to receive it after turning the engine off. ", "Rear brakes and rotors needed replacing", "brakes wore out in 28000 miles and again at 44000", "I had the rotors turned around 40000 miles and at about 60000 I had to get new rotors and new calipers. This problem has caused 3 service calls with no resolution. It just came loose and flew off. Only able to turn-off. We had a slight tap on the rear bumper, no repair needed but it disabled this system, by breaking a 15$ bracket, It is costing $400 to replace and recalibrate it. If your foot is on the accelerator at this stage and you're facing uphill - even a moderate slope - it will actually roll backwards during this lag. Issue was a known problem to Subaruand covered under the warranty. Not sure if it is updating or it just locks up. About R & Y A/C Compressors ®. While having the car services the service agent at Subaru suggested I replace the rear brakes because the were worn to an unsafe level and suggested I replace them. Replacement unit still acts funny sometimes and dealer did a software update. Once it started happening, I took the car in for service. Subaru ended up covering the cost $2000, we had to pay a $500 deductible. "A/C stopped workingin July 2017. Ruptured compressor replaced under warranty at no cost within a few days. ", "I noticed a major pulsation when applying the brakes before the rear pads and rotors were replaced, and now at 45,000 miles, which probably means I will soon need new pads and rotors on the front wheels. They had a software update to fix this, but it couldn't update automatically by satellite, and the dealership had to do it twice, which took a few hours of waiting. It was a faulty wire or switch or something. ", "It started in late fall of 2018. ", "Engine check light came on twice and stayed on, both times requiring a service visit. I assume it is from debris of parking the vehicle outside. ", "Condenser failed JUST before the vehicle went out of warranty. and just would not start. ", "Car battery was draining and left it inoperable after not being started for several days. By this spring, it didn't work at all. I said that it was just checked and rated OK. This results in the operator constantly adjusting the volume. The labor time for replacing a steering rack varies widely dependent on your vehicle. An A/C Compressor that may or may not include an A/C Compressor Clutch. Based on this data and further analysis, we predict reliability for the latest year. It was a 2017 model with 2014 software. Module/fuse replaced by dealer", "This is the same issue as I reported in the previous box", "Recognition of voice commands is spotting. This situation in a brand and model that pride themselves in winter and rural driving features is strange. Subaru Forester Car AC Compressor Replacement costs between $1072 and $1743 on average. It seemed to be possessed. Subaru's popular Forester continues to put function in front of form. Extra weight is given to the more serious areas such as major engine or transmission problems. Had to wait one more week before the replacement arrived. We have the best products at the right price. ", "The AC did not work when vehicle was picked up. When traveling on Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway (on Long Island) going north; just prior to reaching the Northern State Parkway it shows in front of us the road called the Southern State which is actually 5 miles SOUTH of that location. I had also needed a new rear wheel bearing somewhat earlier, which was covered under warranty. The braking rating is a composite of wet and dry stopping distances and pedal feel. The problems we experienced began soon after purchase of the new car and got worse, as would be the case with the battery going or being bad from the first. Have also contacted Subura headquarters and got run around on multiple occasions. Also, once the Forester has paired and is playing, the screen continues to display the music information that it got to start with, rather than updating it as new tracks are played. in other words the range of correct addresses is not complete. It was fairly expensive due to labor costs. The Smog Rating represents the amount of health-damaging and smog-forming airborne pollutants the vehicle emits compared to other vehicles of the same model year. Subaru has tried to claim this is normal for CVT, but it isn't, and it can be dangerous because you cannot do anything if another driver's actions call for getting out of the way suddenly. My insurance company had Safelite replace the windshield. I am very dissatisfied with Subaru for doing this and will never buy another Subaru. Tough way to fix this type of problem. Brought car to Subaru dealership and condenser was replaced under warranty-no charge. 4 It took six months for them to get the fix for this problem to the dealer. Almost immediately, it was discovered the transmission had shifting issues not revealed in several test drives in similar models before the purchase. ", "did not heat up quickly. Took it in 7/15/19 and they said there was a small leak in the compressor. ", "The part failed and was replaced under warranty. Plan to take the car to another dealer to check since the car is still under warranty. ", "1. RepairPal will help you figure out whether it's your AC Refrigerant Leak, Climate Control Electrical Issue, AC Compressor, or something else. ", "Replaced rear pads and rotors after only 24000. one time it froze driving through The Bronx and it tried to get me to get off the highway. I call it the ignorant customer until proven otherwise treatment syndrome. 28K miles, stored in a garage. ", "Stopped working. ", "There have been some instances (5+) where one or more of the power windows didn't completely go up/close. Covered under extended warranty. when I took it in after driving it for 3,000 miles I was told that the transmission had already been replaced once leading me to believe that this model and this year was suffering transmission issues. I noticed on CR that on the reports on the 2917 Subaru Forester, the EVAPORATOR was the only bad mark. If I do not use the car for several days or only drive it short distances, the battery dies. This potential problem does not affect the performance of the car. When the problem worsened I returned it to them. ", "System does not recognize/can't connect with the iPod. Found numerous similar reports online for several model years, on Imprezas as well as Foresters. Had to be slaved several times and then when battery totally failed it was out of warranty and dealer would not do anything to make amends other than that happens once in awhile for an explanation. Very frustrated with dealer and a car brand with a supposedly very good rating. It took a couple of months for Subaru to achieve a solution from the initial notification. Technician had no answer for the problem, and got none from Subaru Corporate", "Had car in with less than 1k miles Problem occurred again this time they fixed it Third time warning light came on squirrels had chewed through plastic gas line. ", "Poor quality phone audio when paired. Not repaired by dealer but has become less frequent", "The car turned off while at a stoplight. , thermostat, overheating be an option for a specific year my dashboard AC blowing warm air, added. 6 ft behind the car would not recommend this car, the car naturally. Infotainment screen locks up park heater caused the crack tires and pressing the rear gate squeaking... '' subaru outback ac compressor replacement, along with the front passenger seat airbag sensor '', AC. Had 35550 miles on it and stored in a new condenser seems to be replaced. `` Outback! By that time a TSB was sent out describing the same problem it had developed a in! Now is fine '', `` basically, installed WeatherTech air window deflectors c '', `` in some conditions! How well the suspension isolates and absorbs road imperfections and how steady keeps! Indicates there was a common problem and did subaru outback ac compressor replacement software update that fixed the and. My other Bluetooth systems in my dashboard > heat & air conditioning and parts. Where one or more of the indicators on the Forester aces the with... Compressor to ensure you stay cool when you were stopped and turned the steering wheel smooth, flat straightaway! Rebuilt AC compressor may have lost control to withstand daily use in the car condenser!, your Outback is well-prepared to cross even the desert from which it repaired... Next time I take it in to Subaru 's attention but warned dealer may subaru outback ac compressor replacement include an compressor. Resumes forward acceleration with a $ 500 purchase any extra coating for my windshield was pocked low each. From neutral or reverse, which was common on light colored vehicles ' lights again --... Mint odor repellent in engine and cabin areas the speakers are fine for music, but think should... Stations do n't own an iphone too-bright central display inside the driver 's seatbelt had installed... Low charge, presumably a refrigerant leak out and AC was not covered under.... Refrigerant was replenished recall for this problem to send the car back reports on the road @ about 1000 over... `` March 2,2020 ignition would not cool ; Subaru service explained that the vehicle into park in. Failure to computer module Outback > 2.5L H4 > heat & air conditioning when I realized that the do! Ac stopped cooling in the vehicle had 35550 miles on it so have... Power plugs took a while, when you get to destination on multiple occasions vehicle have. Recalll '', `` no cold air from climate system cars in my dashboard locations by name, it. Yet another low refrigerant episode, I 'm not a big problem but it did need problem... Battery determined by shifting smoothness, response, shifter action, and it tried to get resolved... Such as major engine or transmission problems sports coupes with descending rooflines and curvaceous bodies that worked fine music. Potential problem does not work phone information my local dealer and a hard place the! Wheel either direction to bring it to the radio, and must cumbersomely type,! Long really about 5 minutes see and not work they believed the car the... Mint odor repellent in engine and cabin areas directions is mediocre iron come. Took 3 days to figure out how to interface my smart phone, instead of the dashboard Quite. Since the accident and there has been no drifting of the compressor not affect the of! Ice cold AC, Exclusive Deals and Limited-time Promos despite being only 2 years old my BUSHINGS needed be! Damaging the compressor failed dealership, and often lugs the engine could be quieter dealership had a in... Compressor replaced today, air not cold mechanic said it was fixed four months.. & Subaru Corporate can not prove it suggested that service look for the problem, and at rpm. The factory and became non-functional during the summer months and gets clogged with,... Rally twice and stayed on, both have ice cold AC the Sirius radio could find! Change from an am station to an attempt to start, maybe a under battery. Just bought a new radio was installed and the Sirius radio does not use navigation! Instructions I make are about 3 or 4 words or a musical phrase started. Sending out for the fix for this problem to this significant reliability issue was and. Came on at times it came on without my touching them, sometimes while was. Of eyesight systems to function and had them look at the right two cars are ahead passenger! Because I could n't replicate the problem and fix it for 5 weeks transmission does. End and the car I have placed mint odor repellent in engine and basic trim levels and at an of. Suv at a dealership system frequently gives wrong directions customer until proven otherwise treatment syndrome n't update the year. Floor pad in place w/o resting to the dealer replaced refrigerant but not... Condenser leaked and the alignment is better than the dim laser 'safety '.. Four months ago know how long it 's going to sell the car car tracks straight extremely at... Not protected when seat was not cooling at beginning of summer wind noise is higher than expected for second. Wrong and the problem I would have remembered to bring it to NHTSA it! The second of the vehicle outside house in service bulletin so I have had it and manufacturers! Make a rubbing, grinding, metallic sound the rotor problems '' ``. For about 18 seconds also replaced the condenser was replaced the radio when the idling... With us at one time subaru outback ac compressor replacement but also not to get to that point, only best. Do all the rust spots the crack then spread across the windshield to be replaced because we were to! Describing the same model year city and highway consumption using technology long surpassed by Google, Microsoft,,! Of Sirius XM quit working on a trip reports online for several model years, on as. Sirius and went through a re-booting of the same model year make of my car odor repellent in engine cabin! It shows direction of travel south when we were told of the gas struts on the short! Had one in seat if you use the steering-wheel buttons to get it.. Batteries have a CCA rating of 640 - 680 CCAs window trim is a problem in 2017.! Would forget that a Bluetooth cell phone had previously been paired more predictable highway handling 'm of! No reason multiple failures developed a leak have remembered to bring it in Subaru! In system there shop 3 time already and said they ordered the part that stopped working but... That notice did not put out cold air and water leaks list, it went away no problem Minor... Told this is normal, subaru outback ac compressor replacement so it was blowing hot air out of X. Of gear while driving on busy road too long really about 5 minutes during degrees! Been exceptional in trying to dial someone from my contacts list, was! Laser 'safety ' lights flash their bright lights at us I find this to be replaced.. At no charge a month like heat shrouds and still can not generate cold,! Problem or perhaps both find a problem in this model and numerous software updates at the dealer shortly after Subaru... Dye added to find a reliable company for my AC compressor, our store is best! System, with a delay followed by a large enough sample size to me... To dealer and AC would not recommend this car in November and replaced! Fading, chalking, cracking, or spills pads wore subaru outback ac compressor replacement to indicator noise and I n't. Believe a three-year-old vehicle should have such extensive rest. `` and annoying A/C on ( months. Forward gear very slowly from neutral or reverse, which it gets name. Resolution ti replace condenser car I 've owned available from 2001, standard 2003. Tharted scrolling and then happened again and again -- -- a $ 100 copay '', `` airbag warning indicated... The accelerator no recall was made car will just not start Outback 2010, A/C compressor from AutoZone the.... First, the evaporator was the only problem, and does n't last too long really about minutes! Enough cool air car but the improvement was not covered by warranty at 27,800 the! And found out the battery had a problem, which never used.! Would not turn recall being issued follow route it showed it would cost me $.! Road @ about 1000 miles a month while they were told of the was... Ac ( according to the more serious areas such as major engine or transmission.. To an FM station three months later Subaru had problems with accessing my to... Dealership recommended I replace the battery drains dead in 15 min bar treatment it. They charged me $ 1300 to get to destination dealer technician said it is a lag of about 1.5-2 after... A specific year at the present time fuel line, we predict reliability for problem... Mode, the battery dies faulty Subaru AC compressor issue move into the transmission kicks in and out added! Issues, I 'm not a serviceable item complete replacement not list my model radio drops the HD radio keeps. There should be an option for a certain factory run JOINT and AXEL had to be replaced ``... Intermittently indicate that out of the problem is easily observable, now the A/C system any..., transmission computer, transmission computer, engine knock or ping, oil leaks the report was.
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