About PackPeople

We welcome all loving, committed and responsible PackPeople with a big woof, meow and paw shake.
We aim to inspire with informative and eye-opening looks at established animal welfare organizations, featuring written, audio and video interviews with directors and representatives of some of the hardest-working animal rescues, shelters and service groups in the United States.
We designed packpeople.com for rescue groups, animal welfare organizations, animal shelters, sanctuaries and individuals who want to make an impact on animals life’s – learn and educate!The Pack behind PackPeople: My name is Yurda Henzel, I started packpeople.com in November 2010 as a dog-blog – now it transformed to a service and educational platform. Why animals? – Pets influenced my life in a deep way and my special bond with dogs is fulfilling my life every day! As a committed dog owner of two dogs and a nature loving person, I specially want to illuminate the people behind the dog/animals, that’s why we called the website “PackPeople”. We esteem the gifts of nature and believe devoutly in the positive influence of a pet/animal in humans life’s and want to inspire and sensitize pet owners and future pet owners.

Why we’re different? We connect with the people behind the organizations, we talk, chat, discuss and analyze. The premier method of sharing information is through our INTERVIEWS.

Our mission is: Tweet, talk, learn, share and network.:

– to share informative websites about animals

– to support the work of pet care related organizations and pet related unique business ideas

– to share the knowledge, information, insights of the work of animal rescues in the U.S.

– to overcome prejudices against Bully Breeds

– to support the ban of sales of puppy mill animals like chicken, rabbits, kittens and puppies

– to provide information about spaying & neutering, microchipping and adoption

– to spread the word about animal news, campaigns, programs and event

– to spread the word to stop backyard breeding

We’re always looking for committed guest bloggers. If you want to share information or an article in our blog section, let us know!

Today, January 2011, we welcome Rufino and Ringo in our pack. Woof.

Hi! I’m Rufino Cabang. In the Spring of 2009 I did something completely new: I adopted a dog. I’d wanted one for quite some time, and fortunately I have many friends who are loving, responsible dog owners who guided me through the decision-making process. Ultimately, I found a not-quite-one-year-old 15-pound corgi-pug-chihuahua-dachshund-terrier-miniature-pinscher-possibly-seal mix who stole my heart. I named him Ringo (yes… he’s my little Starr).

Becoming a dog owner has changed my life drastically, and for the better. It has opened me up to the world of dog care and rescue (Ringo had been rescued only two days before he was to be euthanized, I discovered) as well as the simple pleasures of the relationship between dog(s) and packleader.

Through a series of fortunate events I met and became friends with Yurda, who asked me to contribute to Packpeople.com as a blog writer. This wonderful opportunity is continually evolving, and in its current state I’m happy to say that I’m learning, along with the rest of you, more and more about the world of dog rescue and adoption (and the people who dedicate their passion to it), as I interview animal welfare organizations all over the country.

As Yurda pointed out, the positive influence of a pet in a human’s life is profound, and I need look no further than my own life for proof. Taking care of my Ringo has made me a more responsible, more caring and more fulfilled person, and in working with Packpeople I hope to share news of these benefits with others, while convincing still more that we need to do our part to make sure the countless animals whose lives are in peril every day (whether from homelessness, neglect, abandonment or lack of resources) find the homes and safety they so richly deserve.

Rufino and Ringo working on their new blog posts and interviews. Rufino@packpeople.com

Ringo, our new main Columnist. Ringo@packpeople.com