Adoption is the right thing to do! You decided to welcome a new dog in your household and family. Great idea. You can find the perfect dog in one of the local animal shelters, pet rescue organizations or humane society groups close to you. Most of the pets waiting for a new home in pet shelter are wonderful companions who became the victims of family tragedy, unlucky circumstances or irresponsible owners.

  • Save a innocent Life and help an animal shelter, an SPCA, or a dog rescue or cat rescue  group saves a life.
  • If you adopt from an animal shelter, you’re making room for another dog.

Our dog of the month: Charlie Bear / Golden Shepherd – Corgi Mix / Special needs / Located in Los Angeles, California

  • Neutered
  • House Trained
  • Vaccinated and Micro-chipped
  • Adult
  • Male
  • Golden brown colored
  • 80 lbs

Adorable Charlie Bear is an exceptionally sweet dog. He used to play and romp all day long. Even with this disability, Charlie Bear is full of life and loves to play. He is happy all the time and is a total lover! Charlie has received some obedience training and responds very well! He is just an all-around great dog. Charlie Bear is currently attending physical therapy 2 times a week (which will be paid by our rescue) and he LOVES going there. (See Charlie Bear wearing sun-glasses at the vet, he is such a goof-ball). Charlie Bear smiles and says: ” I still love life, even though, my best buddy already got adopted and I have been at the rescue for a long time. I have lots of energy left and would love be explore a nice yard instead of dragging myself on concrete. I am a very affectionate boy and wish nothing more, than to give kisses to my own parents/family.

Unfortunately, his body is now not always cooperating with his mind: On same days, Charlie’s hind legs give out and he has to drag himself around. On other days, he can walk fairly well. According to the specialist, Charlie has HERNIATED DISK. “As a disk becomes weaker with age or trauma, it may rupture, or herniate, causing a portion of the disk to protrude upward and place pressure on the spinal cord. This may be termed a ‘ruptured disc” or ‘herniated disc’. This may occur suddenly (acutely) or over a period of time (chronically). The pressure on the cord typically prevents or inhibits nerve transmission along the spinal cord. The effect on the spinal cord will depend on the amount and severity of the pressure. Effects can include pain, weakness, paralysis, loss of sensation, and the inability to control urination and defecatio

The location of the ‘ruptured disc’ will also affect the symptoms. Disk herniation most commonly occurs in the neck, middle back, or lower back. A disk herniation in the neck area may affect the entire body, while one in the middle of the dog’s back may only affect the actions of the rear legs and some abdominal organs.” Even with this disability, Charlie Bear is full of life and loves to play. Hey, and if you have Mocha Frappuccino Ice drink, I will love (I mean lick) you forever!

I just got my new racing car and I love to show it off! Watch my videos!”

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