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Be a part of the creative process: help us built a platform for social change and the welfare of animals.

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Fundraising for All
Our platform is open to any rescue, shelter, sanctuary, welfare group or organization that wants to make a positive impact on the lives of animals.
Use our online tools and create a platform for fundraising campaigns, volunteer activities and events to engage donors and raise more support. Share your group’s information, photos and stories to spread the word and find new supporters.

Personal Fundraising PagesYour volunteers can create personal fundraising pages and start fundraising for different activities, a specific cause, event or campaign and your supporters can join
easily as they please.

The most for the Least PackPeople is 100% free for our members. We created a platform to help animals and to support people who really care about animal welfare. Your donors decide what they want to give PackPeople to improve the platform, to work on future projects and to pay our bills. We work for you and a better world for animals!

Multiple Processing OptionsThe PackPeople platform is supported by Google Checkout, Paypal and AlertPay to make sure you have the right fundraising option for you.

Simplify Donor Management We provide all the information you need about donors and donations (including real-time donation reports) and help you keep track of everything, saving you time and energy.

Donations Straight to your AccountYou’ll never have to wait for your donation, as funds are directed right to your merchant account instantly.
Your donations are 100% secure. We adhere to strict standards and security policies of our processors, so you’ll never have to worry about where your donation goes.

Easy and Effective Donor Messaging We provide all the information you need about donors and donations (including real-time donation reports) and help you keep track of everything, saving you time and energy.

Fundraising Gone ViralTake full advantage of Facebook, Twitter and E-Mail blasts to spread the word, raise awareness and connect with donors around the world.

Organizing Made SimpleYour group page lets you organize all your group info, photos and accomplishments and allows you to focus on making an impact.

Internal Communication Made EasySend messages and alerts to the people that matter to your group, improving efficiency, productivity and saving you time.

SurveysSend out targeted surveys to your supporters to collect information and gain tangible feedback.

File SharingSharing important files like project portfolios, flyers and other group resources keeps everyone in your group updated with new materials and developments.

Liability WaiversSave time and money by providing volunteers with an electronic liability waiver.

Provide Structure for Multi-faceted GroupsOrganizations with multiple chapters or programs can simply organize themselves with our easy-to-use structure that consolidates your responsibilities.

Mobilize OnlineMotivative existing volunteers, fosters and expand your initial volunteer base to other like-minded individuals. Personalized profile pages for each group member encourages engagement and gives each person their own voice.

Give Yourself a Social NetworkLeverage Facebook and twitter to spread the word about your group, create an online buzz and raise awareness—all of which drives up volunteer and donor activity.

Different Ways to CommunicateWrite updates, send targeted messages and share news on other members ‘Wall’ or use email to send out notices in seconds.

Join a Community that CaresConnect to hundreds of other groups and thousands of volunteers and use the wealth of knowledge in the PackPeople community to help your group grow.

Become a BloggerTake advantage of the PackPeople Blog to share your news, tips or experiences and gain valuable insights from the outside world. Listen to our highly interesting interviews with rescues and pet care organizations. If you’d like to contribute to as a guest blogger, please let us know!

Money Straight to Your Merchant Processor

As soon as you get a donation, you get it! Why have it any other way? We took out the middle man by creating a platform that connects directly to your online merchant processor. No more bulk donations sent to you by some other guy once a month with limited transparency and minimal accounting records. can link to Google Checkout, Paypal, or Alert Pay so you can account for it the most accurate way possible.

No Need for Non-profit Status

Those that think only registered non-profits are making a difference, are not thinking big enough. Today, many organizations are creating as much of an impact, so why isn’t there a fundraising platform that they can use? And many aspiring non-profits who don’t yet have their status are left with nothing to use. is open to ANYONE that has a Google Checkout, Paypal or Alert Pay. The ONLY difference is that your donors may not be able to use their donation as a tax receipt. What does this mean? Our consultants can help you.

Ideal for Orgs with Many National Chapters OR a Single Group

Our platform will keep your organization connected to each of your groups, each volunteer, each foster and every donor. File sharing, detailed reporting, internal messaging and many more tools to grow your organization! If you’re a single group now, you don’t have to be. Rally more people around your cause by utilizing a platform that helps you scale.

Display Past Activity while You Promote New Ones

Once you’ve raised money or recruited for a volunteer activity and it’s done, why should it go off into internet oblivion? Utilize a platform that allows you to display all your PAST activities while promoting ALL your UPCOMING activities. Show your donors and volunteer base how you’ve done in the past and what your new goals are. Start creating a track record!

Dynamic Group Creation and Volunteer Registration

Save hundreds of hours of administrative time manually creating volunteer activities, registering groups and volunteers. Why not have a platform that can scale? For organizations with many national groups or chapters, you can create your organization page where groups can register under you and begin implementing their volunteer and fundraising activities automatically.

Open, but Private

We keep your donor and volunteer data PRIVATE and will NEVER sell that information. We are safe, secure and allow you to create administrative rights any various levels of your pages at your own discretion.

Ideal for Fiscal Partner Organizations

If you are managing many different groups and would like to keep them centralized, but autonomous on one platform, we are for you. No other site allows you to collect money on behalf of your fiscal partners while giving them the ability to market themselves with their unique brand and personality. Keep good oversight while giving the freedom to scale.

The Most Functionality for the Least Cost

We want you to create as much change as possible. That’s why we’re committed to the ‘Most for Least’ principle. We’ll give you all the tools, resources and functionalities your group needs to accomplish your goals and create good around the world of animals. Meanwhile, we’ll make sure that you can sign up, start your group page and use all the tools on PackPeople. We amaze you: You keep 100% of your donations. Your donors decide how much goes towards PackPeople at the end of the donation process.

Giving you more, charging you nothing— is always working for you.

A Community Based on Communication

Our commitment to creating a true social action community starts with you. For PackPeople to facilitate change, you need to be a huge part of the process. As an PackPeople member, you will always have an open dialogue to help us give you what you need. And that’s why we’re always giving you ways to be a part of the creative process: Post your ideas for new tools on the Ideas Forum. Write guest blogs to reach out to other groups and get guidance about your own. Collaborate with someone on the PackPeople team to improve your group’s efficiency and objectives.

Give us your feedback, suggestions and input and we will turn it into real change.

A Team of Idealists

First and foremost, our community works to make the world of animals a better place. We founded PackPeople with the objective of empowering volunteers, activists and groups and that is our main objective. We care about helping you and fostering change in any place we can, and will put all of our energy into helping you do that. Keeping it 100% for free for our members is one way. Keeping an ongoing dialogue with all the members in the PackPeople community is another. In the end, we will do anything we can to give you what you need.

Packpeople is designed for:

Fundraising for All Our platform is 100% free and open to any group or organization that wants to make change on animals life’s.