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  • More Donations
  • More Volunteers and Fosters
  • More Efficient
Tools for Fundraising

  • Your PackPeople group home page shows all your social actions online, giving potential donors clarity and confidence to support
  • Specific volunteer activities or targeted fundraising campaigns allows you to tailor how you raise donations
  • Customizable URLs and the user-friendly ‘Donate’ button make supporting easy for family and friends of all ages

Tools for Recruiting

  • Promote your accomplishments and explain your goals quickly to all potential members
  • Increase visibility to anyone in your community with photos, blogs and other resources right on your home page
  • Expand the reach of your group, within your community, country or around the world

Tools for Efficiency

  • The PackPeople community allows all your group volunteers, members and supporters to come together
  • Communicate efficiently with your group with messages, emails and announcements
  • Share documents, check donor reports and delegate responsibilities to be maximize productivity