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30 miles/hour can kill you and your dog

Safety for your dog in the car.

I’m always shocked how careless and frivolous some people are with their dogs driving in cars. I see them jumping on the driver, licking the face and sitting on their laps. For responsible travel with a pet is to properly secure the animal. In an accident, an unrestrained dog becomes a projectile, risking serious injury to the animal and human passengers. For your, your family’s and dog’s safety, do not allow pets to ride in the front seat, no matter how much the pet enjoys it. Pets riding in the front seat can be thrown into the windshield if you have to make a sudden stop or your air backs can injure them, if they have to launch out. Dogs on the back seats are very dangerous too, if they are not secured.

Some cars are big enough in the back to fit a crate or sturdy pet carrier. Secure the crate and make sure it’s big enough for your dog to stand, turn around and to lay down. Unsecured crates can move during sudden emergency maneuvers and accidents. This is the best way to restrain pets in cars, if your dog is crate trained.

I can’t put a crate in my car, because it will not fit (too big) and I don’t like the fact to take it out or to put it together when I need the space in the back. I decided to fix a pet barrier in the back of our pack mobile, between the rear cargo compartment and the rear seat. Just possible with SUV’s and wagons. Pet barriers safely keeps my dog Samson in the cargo area of the vehicle, away from me and the passengers. It’s easy to install in minutes, but we wanted to be on the secure side and let our mechanic fix it on the roof of the car with some extra screws, so it can’t move in case of a collision. Lilly has a harness, which I lock into the seat belt. From the security perspective I have heard it’s the least desirable alternative.

If your dog has to travel on the back seat you have the opportunity to buy a pet safety belt for dogs. A travel restraint harness that locks into a seat-belt receptacle or a partition between front and back seats are an option, too. I know that some  car makers might offer customized accessories for owners who travel with their pets, ask for it, when you have decided to buy a new car.

The Be Smart Ride Safe campaign with Cesar Millan.

No matter what restraint method you choose, get your animal accustomed to traveling.

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