Dog breeds

Which breed fits my lifestyle? Should I get a purebred or a mix?

Dogs are social animals with various personalities. It’s important to get informed and well prepared before deciding for a special breed.  Visit dog shows and talk to breeders, if you are not sure about the breed. We believe, there is no “problem breed” and we don’t want to generalize any breed. If a dog gets proper training, exercise and adequate leadership by it’s humans every dog can be a lifetime friend and fun family member.

Quote: “The breed is just the outfit that particular canine is wearing, and sometimes a set of special needs he or she might have. You’re not going  to be able to understand or control your dog’s behavior by considering him or her simply as a “victim” of a breed”.

“As a general rule, the more purebred the dog, the more intense the desire it will have to fulfill its genetic purpose. Therefore, it will require more focus and attention from you in making sure that those breed-related needs are constantly challenged and fulfilled.”Cesar Millan.”

Consider some factors first. Energy level, Size of the dog, Dog’s temperament.  Check your own energy and lifestyle.

The best way to ensure a long and happy relationship with a purebred dog is to purchase the dog from a responsible breeder. If you decide to get your new family member from a breeder, you should receive American Kennel Club registration papers from the breeder when you purchase your dog.

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