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A Closer Look at the French Bulldog Rescue

Interview with Ruth Chiger, President of the French Bulldog Rescue Network Countless dogs are in need of homes – strays, surrenders, the abused, neglected and forgotten. Fortunately, a number of rescue organizations keep many of these animals safe and cared for until they find forever homes. For PackPeople’s first interview, we were fortunate to get […]

Adoption Pit Bulls

Video: Misperception and misunderstanding of bully breeds:

Look beyond the breed and give Pit bulls and Pit bull mixes a chance. Discover a dog with a fantastic disposition. Watch the video Pit proud provided by

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Shedding Light on Black Dog Syndrome

It’s not a myth. It’s a problem! Being a PackPerson doesn’t mean I’m a dog expert. I may even be behind the pack in certain areas, but I’m learning new things all the time. It’s important to share that with you because we at PackPeople want you to share with us your discoveries and insights, […]

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Senior Dog Care

In Praise of Adopting Older Dogs. I want another dog! Not instead of my little Ringo, I mean in addition to him. To be honest, I don’t know when this will happen, I just know that one day it will. And like any happy daydream, I think about it deeply, and often. I’d thought a […]