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We had to take down our article 08/02/12 about Toni Eakes and “A wish for Animals”

Why Toni Eakes should not be involved in animal welfare – A true story about ‘A Wish for Animals’

After Toni Eakes lawyer contacted and threatened us we needed to take down the article temporarily.

I had a blog post here recommending that people not work with Toni for a variety of reasons and I got an email from her lawyer to take my post down.

Shoot me an email if you want to share your experiences or insights at or leave a comment here. ~ Thank you!

UPDATE: Please read this update post about Toni Eakes

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Kids get involved! – PEP's new program is looking for little stars [Video]

Event today – News at PEP: Erica Callais is the founder of the Pet education project in Shreveport, Louisiana, a non-profit organization dedicated  teaching kids ins & outs of responsible pet ownership.

Each month children who have made a positive impact on the lives of animals in their community or pets in their home are nominated. Winners of this award are granted a special PEP! prize package and will be featured on the Pet Education Project’s website.

Take 6 minutes to watch the news in her latest video chat with Rufino. Learn about the PEP-Squad, PEP’s upcoming events and news.

Show your support and LIKE PEP on Facebook. Meet the PEP Squad now! You want to learn more about PEP? Check our full interview with Erica.

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Saving hundreds of stray animals’ lives in Romania – Interview with The Nature Association [Video]

Today we’re going out of the country – we’re even leaving the continent – to talk to a great non-profit organization in Romania, The Nature Association. Founded in 2002 by Carmen Milobendzchi and Roxana Macoviciuc, this organization is dedicated to helping and saving stray animals by providing food, shelter and medical care for over 350 dogs and 60 cats in their shelter facility in Bucharest. Home to approximately between 100,000 to 1 million stray dogs. Every year, Bucharest sees thousands of these defenseless animals killed by cars, poisoned, dead of hunger, or frozen to death.

Funded solely by donations, this no-kill organization really needs our help and support. The shelter offers food, water, vaccines, and emergency medical treatment and is in need of monetary support and heightened awareness to provide the services mentioned, as well as to continue building the shelter facility.

Facing the power of nature, a very hard winter has hit Europe these days, and the tremendous amount of snow and cold weather makes the work of  The Nature Association’s volunteers and members extremely difficult.

We recently published an article about Oscar, a street dog of Istanbul and want to share with you this video interview with 2 very passionate young people who decided to volunteer and support The Nature Association after finishing their education in Canada. We had the great pleasure of video chatting with Milena and Mihai in Bucharest, and we talked about their daily challenges, how they help abandoned and stray dogs, and what they need the most for their mission.

Please visit The Nature Association’s Facebook Fan page and also take a look at the pictures in the Winter at the Shelter album: consider donating to their organization. Bucharest’s dogs and cats will thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Milena and Mihai recommend to visit following websites:
Dogs Trust  –
Dogs Adoption Netherlands – – Here you can see all adoptable dogs of the organization.

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PackPeople's Top 10 Interviews in 2011

The year is almost over and Rufino and I have had unbelievably interesting, funny, informative, serious and educational interviews since May 2011, a series we started to address the lack of information available to the public, as well as to honor the work of the rescue groups and non-profits dedicating their time and passion to helping animals. We also shared information about artists, pet business owners and some really unique pet-related business ideas.

All in all it has been a great year – and we are very fortunate and happy to say that we’re supporting animal welfare and doing what we love. We want to thank everyone who took part in our interviews, whether written, on the phone or via video. It’s a great pleasure to have met and shared time with you all! ~ Yurda & Rufino.

Let’s look back and reflect:

  • 44 Audio Interviews
  •   9 Video Interviews
  •   6 Written Interviews
A total of 58 Interviews in 8 months. Our first interview was with the French Bulldog Rescue Network and our last one for this year was with Dogs 4 the PAWS.
Rated by the Facebook likes, Twitter tweets and Facebook shares on social media platforms these are your top 10 Interviews:
  1. Rescuing Dogs from Lab Research – Interview with Beagle Freedom Project’s Gary Smith
  2. Grey Muzzle Dog Rescue 
  3. Rescue Chocolate 
  4. Pit Bull Rescue Central
  5. Dogs Deserve Better
  6. Pet Portraits Artist Ashley
  7. French Bulldog Rescue Network
  8. Chako Pit Bull Rescue
  9. Downtown Dog Rescue
  10. Pets for Patriots
Here is the full list of all interviews: May – December 2011 ~ Enjoy!
We want to thank Soundcloud for their great support in 2011. This awesome podcasting tool and their user-friendly interface made our work easy and effective. Thumbs up for Soundcloud!
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Raise Funds with Pure Gold – Celebrate Pets and Books

PackPeople is so grateful to have featured Holli Pfau and her wonderful book, Pure Gold – Adventures with Six Rescued Golden Retrievers (hear the interview here) last month, and we’re delighted to share with you a note from Holli about a great way for your shelter, humane society or rescue to raise funds:

“For every copy of the book that’s sold in bookstores during December, I’ll donate $5 to a shelter, humane society or rescue group designated by the bookstore.  And it’s easy to participate.  A group just needs to contact their local bookstore and ask them to stock Pure Gold.  Then send emails to volunteers, supporters and donors to generate traffic for the store and encourage sales.  (They might also invite donors to match my donation, to maximize the income.)  In January, the bookstore just needs to tell me how many copies were sold and who the beneficiary will be, and I’ll put a check in the mail.

Quick, easy and hopefully productive for the rescue group.  If the book isn’t already on the shelves, the store can easily order it and it will arrive in just a couple of days.

If anyone has any questions, please let me know.  Our goal is to raise funds for rescue work, so we’re happy to consult and advise.”

For inquiries, please visit to learn more about this excellent work, and contact Holli at

Thank you for sharing this offer, as well as your dedication, with PackPeople and our community, Holli! – Yurda and Rufino

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UK-based DogCast Radio – Interview with Julie Hill

While maintaining our PackPeople’s Twitter account 1 month ago I found Julie Hill’s profile and thought that this could be a very interesting addition to our interview series.  Julie is the founder of DogCast Radio, a twice monthly radio show all about dogs which first aired in 2005. On her website you can hear the show for free, download it for listening at home or on your MP3 player, or subscribe to it as a Podcast.

This entertaining and informative show for dog lovers covers important and interesting topics such as dog training, dog news, dog adoption, health…. the list is endless, and it’s truly fun to listen and learn!

Julie’s enthusiasm about what she does is engaging, and we’re grateful she joined us from her home base in England. We’re honored to share the interview with our PackPeople audience of animal advocates and responsible pet owners.

DogCast Radio show with Julie Hill by PackPeople
DogCast Radio


Twitter: @DogCastRadio

Facebook: DogCast Radio

Julie recommended following books, videos and pet related links:

Books: Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog  by Ted Kerasote

Links: Hound TV

PetPlanet – a great resource to research breeds to adopt –

Facebook and Twitter – social media is valuable for networking with other dog lovers and dog owners

Video: Eight Below  directed by Frank Marshall – Eight brave sled dogs search for their master, who is trying to rescue them in this adventure-drama.

Spreading the word can help save lives! If you liked the interview please share it with your community by clicking the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of this article or feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for making an impact!

iTunes News: Get PackPeople’s interviews as a Podcast!

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Celebrating our 50th Interview!

50 Interviews – Thank you to all participants for making it possible – We love what we’re doing and we’re happy to announce our 50th interview today. Since May 2011 we’ve had the pleasure interviewing  America’s hardest working pet rescues, animal welfare organizations, pet-related businesses and a lot other fun people.

Love, WOOF and MIAU.

Yurda, Rufino, Lilly, Ringo and Red.

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Cool-Downs for Hot Dogs!

Keeping Your Dog Safe During Summertime Scorchers

Ringo loves the sun. He jumps onto the spot on the couch that gets a bright ray of morning, he lays on the deck in the middle of the day, he can’t wait to go outside, even when Daddy’s dreading opening the door to an un-air-conditioned world.

But, sun-worshiper that he is, even he has his limits. Within a few minutes, he may start panting heavily and move into a shaded area, or jump off the couch and find a cooler patch of carpet on which to collapse. After just a little exposure to heat, Ringo wilts and turns into a bit of a slug, which is pretty how much I react to it, too. Heat can be exhausting.

Which is why now is the perfect time to review some steps we can take to make sure our little friends are as comfortable and safe as can be, while enjoying the the summer sun.

Remember that in just a few minutes… your car, even parked in the shade with the windows open, can become lethally hot during warmer weather. Leaving your dog in a parked vehicle is never a safe option.

Take your walks during earlier morning or evening hours. Mid-day summer asphalt can hurt, even burn, your dog’s paws.

Keep clean, cool water nearby at all times. Pets require more of it during hot weather.

Know that there are certain types of dogs who withstand heat less readily than others. Obese dogs and short-nosed dogs like pugs and bulldogs are very sensitive to heat.

Watch for over-exertion. Your dog may love running and jumping, but be watchful of this activity when the temperature rises.

Watch for vigorous panting, inability to move and disorientation during hotter weather. This could indicate heat stroke, and if this happens you’ll want to move your dog into shade; apply cold, wet rags on your dog’s body (make sure you cool off the foot pads and head) and offer your dog cool water to drink. Call your vet right away!

Dogs can get sunburned, just like us. There are dog-specific sunblocks available, and some people even use baby-sunblocks which are formulated for sensitive skin (my  neighbor’s veterinarian advised her to use that for her chihuahua’s pale, hairless ears) but know that there is no substitute for shade. Even better is cool, indoor shade. If your dog can have access to comfortable shelter during hot days, you’re doing your animal a loving, caring favor.

There are countless more ways to make sure your dog is happy and protected from hot weather. Do your research and take the heat off their summer fun. You and your animals will be grateful for it!

ASPCA published an alert on July 28th – read more about “You can help Pets in Hot Cars” here

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July: A new Pet Care Service web project conquers New York City. Video Interview with Pet it Forward.

Today we’re introducing our PackPeople community to a new pet care service website called from New York City. Pet It Forward is the first social network for pet owners, pet care professionals & boarding facilities, interested in making more money, while saving you money.
A solution network designed to be an easy, economical, and engaging alternative to traditional pet care. A place to do good for others and to get back, gain points and good karma. Curious? Learn how it works, how you can collect points and make money with this new pet care service from Jenna Dreher, Founder and CEO of 2 1/2 years of development launches in July 2011, don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of it.

It’s a great project we all should support in signing up and using the service of We had a great time interviewing and learning from the CEO of, Jenna Dreher. We’re excited to share with you Jenna’s exciting and very useful website. We also talked about the process of the tool “The Internet” in the life of PackPeople’s life’s. Thank you, Jenna.

Pet It Forward –

Twitter: @petitforward

Facebook: Pet It Forward

Interviewee: Jenna Dreher / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Interview with Pet It Forward, Jenna Dreher from Yurda Henzel on Vimeo.

Jenna recommended following websites to our PackPeople community:

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Pet Tech –

Dog Tag Art –

Foster Dogs in New York City –

Animal Haven –

Haute or Not Pets –

Also, check out the partner page:

If you liked the interview please share it with your community by clicking the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of this article or feel free to leave a comment. Thank you!

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Hair o' the Dog

Shedding Light on Shedding!

Ringo sheds like crazy.

As I look around me, and recalling that I’ve only cleaned our apartment a few days ago, I already see a thin layer of short black hairs all over the place. I’m convinced something in his mechanism is programmed to produce hair not just enough to coat his little body, but our entire life together. His hair finds itself in the unlikeliest of places – on the toilet, in the refrigerator, inside my contact lens case. Visitors to my home will find they leave with enough hair to possibly make an area rug, or at the very least, another Ringo.

Yeah. Ringo sheds.

It’s funny, when I first made the decision to get a dog, a pack-wise friend of mine asked about the breeds that interested me.

“Do you care if your dog sheds or not?” asked Linda.

“I want a dog that doesn’t shed,” I replied, foolishly.

Joke’s on me! Two things I’ve learned since then:

a.)  All dogs shed to some degree.

b.)  You can’t fight love – and if you fall for a dog that you absolutely must take home with you, you will live with the shedding.

That’s right, you will live with the shedding, and you will declare/resign yourself to being a dog person – complete with a telltale coat of canine hair (I’m told cat people do the same). You’ll dress in the same colors as your dog to camouflage the hair-on-fabric contrast. You will consider your vacuum cleaner a life partner. You will live with hair all over your car, on your favorite sweater, on your formerly pristine floors and countertops because you love this animal and will put up with it, the way you will put up with a mate who enjoys The Three Stooges, fantasy football, or decorative stenciling.

You’ll invest in mitts, combs, pads, vacuum cleaner attachments, rollers and brushes that promise to restore your upholstery to its original, hairless state; or safely and efficiently remove excess hair from your little one’s coat to minimize its stealth upon your entire universe…. but at some point, you’ll just surrender to it. Whether by fatigue from your efforts or downright lack of trying, you’ll give in. And that’s okay. Baby sheds. There are worse things.

Imagine life without your dog.

See? There are worse things. 

Love is full of compromises, but as many of us know, true love is worth it.

P.S.  If you’ve had experience with a particular product that helps with shedding or its aftermath, please comment and let us all know. We’d love to hear what’s worked for you. Cheers!

P.P.S. Thanks, Pet Toys, for bringing up “shedding” in response to my March 3 “Shedding Light on Black Dog Syndrome” blog – I’d even had “shedding” in the title and hadn’t even thought of it!

– R.