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Street dogs of Philippines – Help needed!

The Dog is supposed to be Man’s Best Friend, if the dog gets a good person to look after him then life is good but unfortunately this is not the case for most of the dogs in the world. I have seen all kinds of dogs living in many different kinds of conditions. Some are […]

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Saving hundreds of stray animals’ lives in Romania – Interview with The Nature Association [Video]

Today we’re going out of the country – we’re even leaving the continent – to talk to a great non-profit organization in Romania, The Nature Association. Founded in 2002 by Carmen Milobendzchi and Roxana Macoviciuc, this organization is dedicated to helping and saving stray animals by providing food, shelter and medical care for over 350 dogs […]

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Oscar, a street dog of Istanbul

I heard about Oscar, a stray dog living on the streets of Istanbul, from a friend of mine who lives there (Istanbul, not the streets). He didn’t have a name or an owner, so she called him Oscar. One day when she was walking home from work, she was almost at her house when she saw Oscar […]