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Saving hundreds of stray animals’ lives in Romania – Interview with The Nature Association [Video]

Today we’re going out of the country – we’re even leaving the continent – to talk to a great non-profit organization in Romania, The Nature Association. Founded in 2002 by Carmen Milobendzchi and Roxana Macoviciuc, this organization is dedicated to helping and saving stray animals by providing food, shelter and medical care for over 350 dogs and 60 cats in their shelter facility in Bucharest. Home to approximately between 100,000 to 1 million stray dogs. Every year, Bucharest sees thousands of these defenseless animals killed by cars, poisoned, dead of hunger, or frozen to death.

Funded solely by donations, this no-kill organization really needs our help and support. The shelter offers food, water, vaccines, and emergency medical treatment and is in need of monetary support and heightened awareness to provide the services mentioned, as well as to continue building the shelter facility.

Facing the power of nature, a very hard winter has hit Europe these days, and the tremendous amount of snow and cold weather makes the work of  The Nature Association’s volunteers and members extremely difficult.

We recently published an article about Oscar, a street dog of Istanbul and want to share with you this video interview with 2 very passionate young people who decided to volunteer and support The Nature Association after finishing their education in Canada. We had the great pleasure of video chatting with Milena and Mihai in Bucharest, and we talked about their daily challenges, how they help abandoned and stray dogs, and what they need the most for their mission.

Please visit The Nature Association’s Facebook Fan page and also take a look at the pictures in the Winter at the Shelter album: consider donating to their organization. Bucharest’s dogs and cats will thank you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Milena and Mihai recommend to visit following websites:
Dogs Trust  –
Dogs Adoption Netherlands – – Here you can see all adoptable dogs of the organization.

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