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We had to take down our article 08/02/12 about Toni Eakes and “A wish for Animals”

Why Toni Eakes should not be involved in animal welfare – A true story about ‘A Wish for Animals’

After Toni Eakes lawyer contacted and threatened us we needed to take down the article temporarily.

I had a blog post here recommending that people not work with Toni for a variety of reasons and I got an email from her lawyer to take my post down.

Shoot me an email if you want to share your experiences or insights at or leave a comment here. ~ Thank you!

UPDATE: Please read this update post about Toni Eakes

17 replies on “We had to take down our article 08/02/12 about Toni Eakes and “A wish for Animals””

Our family adopted two dogs from a wish for animals and both have been great additions to our family. Our first dog was an abused pit mix and we got her from an adoption event. The second one we picked out from their facility. When my friend sent me an email link to the story asking about the story, I was shocked by what I read. It all seems like it’s untrue. We moved back to the mid-west about three months ago but took our dogs back to see her before we went. Everything looked fine and their new facility is really nice. The dogs seem so happy. I don’t know. It just seems like lies to me. Just saying. 🙁 I really hate it when rescue groups squabble. It’s the dogs that suffer.

Its people like you that do the most damage to rescues in this nation! Not only did i adopt my cane corso mastiff from toni eakes, but i al;so worked with her and a wish for animals.. You have absolutely no idea how much this woman cares for the animals she has. Further more you have no right to say anything negative about a woman that you have obviously never met. I don’t know where you get off thinking you have the right to do so, but coming from someone who ACTUALLY KNOWS TONI, has worked by her side and has seen the sacrifices she makes on a daily basis for every single dog in her care you”re as wrong about her as you ever could be. You should be ashamed to post things you dont even take the time do research enough to know what youre saying is true… shame on you and god bless Toni Eakes!

That woman is a money hungry scam artist that uses animals as leverage. Not only are her animals being victimized but the people who out their hearts and love into these beautiful misfurtunate animals she sees as dollar signs

I’m pretty sure that the second comment on this is Toni Eakes aka Kristan. She always leaves comments like this on blog posts and Facebook threads.

Toni Eakes is a S. C. A. M. artist — and an abrasive and controlling one at that!!! She should be put in one of her “kennels”!!!

My name is Cryin Ryan! I saw Toni and Smelly Kelli blowing one of the dogs at the Jasmine street rescue. They didn’t even use a jimmy?

Who is this, I would like to know. Kellie is my wife. She worked there and tried to do the best she could with resources she was given. She does not deserve to be talked about this way. If you have a problem with this you can call me at 951 310 1530

I’ve adopted several dogs from Toni over the years. Only good experiences. The dogs were a little dirty, but health otherwise. Keep up the adoptions Toni. Youre doing a good thing. 🙂

I have know Toni Eakes for over 20 years and all she cares about is MONEY. Her whole obsession about dogs is based on her GUILT for leaving her dog alone many years ago (for several DAYS in a row when she rented in Pacific Palisades) to chase after a rich guy she wanted to marry in Capistrano Beach/Dana Point California. He did not like dogs…and her dog was not allowed in his home. Her dog mysteriously feel off the side of a cliff when it became a real inconvenience in her relationship. She is really messed up…and her mother is a cat-border back in Michigan. She also used her friends who are Lawyers to help her find write-offs and cheat on her taxes. She is one big gold digger from a middle class family in the midwest who will use anyone she can to get what she wants financially. Thats is the real truth about Toni…and anyone who knows her all the way back to College/Michigan will tell you that she is fake and a gold digger.

I meant to say that her mother is a cat horder (not border) and has somewhere around 100 cats in her home back in Michigan.

Her dog “mysteriously” fell off the side of a cliff…and the way she described it, all of us thought she had killed her dog because it got in the way of her relationship with the rich guy she wanted to marry. Thats the truth…and I hope that the whole world realizes what a messed up, self serving person she really is. No Lawyer can protect her from the truth/ facts as to what she has done. She is a terrible, selfish person…and a complete fake.

I know for a fact that some dogs who were chipped to Toni Eakes and ended up back in the shelter, she turned her back on. She is a scam artist and uses money intended for the dogs, for her personal living expenses. She is a disgusting person and she not be in rescue.

I can’t understand how you can have someone working with your group that does not answer phone calls or text I have tryed so many times to in a hold of Joni James she is at the Petsmart in West Covina she never answers phone calls or text and is one of the nuggets flakes and airheads around when you do talk to her. I would never adopt an animal from her since she is so hard to get ahold of the only time that it was good is when I think the names were Emily and Jennifer they were always at the store with the cats and looked like they had a good thing going on I was there kid that Jennifer was an adoption manger and when I was in the store she was always good with people in helping them on the weekend I have only seen Joni there a had full of times since last April it has always been Jennifer or Emily I hope some one gets this place under control again I have seen sick cats in there some times when I go in the store it books Ike the cat cages have not been cleaned or cats have not been feed it’s very sad and I hate to see cats like that especially kittens my concern is for the cats and that they are taken care of right and from what I have seen lately they are not and it makes me very sad and I have been told Jennifer and Emily are not there any more which I think is a bad thing.

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