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Is This Really My Dog?

Your Dog’s Got a Personality. Get Used to It!

You know how some parents want their kids to grow up to be doctors and they end up with musicians? The same kind of thing can happen with dog owners and their beloved pets. We sometimes hold our puppies to expectations that they can’t fulfill, nor should they. They, like children, manage best with acceptance. So do we.


Ringo is my first dog. I adopted him a year and a half ago, and he gives me tremendous joy. Through him, I’ve been given sense of loving purpose with which I’m sure many of you other packpeople out there have long been familiar, but to me, it’s still something new.

Once in a while, so is his behavior.

I can’t lie: when I adopted him, with his sweet little face and quiet disposition, I imagined he would change the world, one melted heart at a time. He seemed a perfect candidate for therapy dog training, and after he aced his first obedience course, he earned his American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen certification at the local dog club. He was on his way, I thought, to a career of healing, visiting local hospitals to spread his warm, magical fuzziness wherever it was needed.

Then he started growling.

About six months into our relationship, Ringo got comfortable enough to reveal his true self. He’s not that “into” people. He trusts only a few, shows affection to even fewer, ignores many and downright dislikes the rest (“grrrrr…”)

Sure, I was disappointed, but I’ve come to accept that he’s a living, thinking being, full of his own opinions and tastes. His behaviors I can train (treats have proved helpful in meeting new people), but his personality is his own. He’s “aloof.”

“That’s okay,” said one of his trainers. “He doesn’t have to like everybody; he’s just not that kind of dog.”

When he likes someone, however, he really shows it. That’s the kind of dog he is. He’s also the kind of dog who sits on command, leaves my things alone and never makes messes in the house. He may not be therapy dog material but in other ways, he’s a dream.

Nobody’s perfect, and the same goes for dogs. The best that we can do is encourage their best assets, despite the expectations we place on them.

If you’re new to dog ownership, take it from me. More likely than not, your dog’s behavior will change in some way during your first year together. That’s not necessarily bad, but character-building, for both of you. You’ll need to practice acceptance, discipline and the diligence to research the most effective ways to deal with negative behaviors. In doing so, you’ll see that your pet’s brightest traits and talents will truly shine.

Ringo may never be a therapy dog, but that’s okay. He may never be a doctor, either, but if he decides to take up a musical instrument, I’ll pay for lessons. What matters is that I encourage him to be the best Ringo he can be.

Good, Ringo! Good boy!

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How you can prevent dog bites – Interview with Teresa from Doggone Safe [Audio]

This year I told the story of a young man who got bitten on a playground area for dogs. He was ignoring the signs the dog showed him – and got bitten in his face. 133,683 people, including kids, were bitten in the US in 2001. What are the reasons, and what are we doing wrong? I was doing research and found Doggone Safe’s terrific website. After exploring the site, I wanted to know more about its programs and the organization itself, which was founded by Teresa Lewin and Joan Orr in 1998. Education is key to preventing dog bites!

Doggone Safe teaching children in school

Doggone Safe is a non-profit organization with offices in Canada the US, functioning worldwide, and providing the public with resources, guidance and information to prevent dog bites, ensure child safety around dogs and provide support for dog bite victims. Doggone Safe educated 16.000 children about dog bite prevention last year, and continues its wonderful work in educating the public.

We had the great pleasure of speaking with a passionate and dedicated advocate, Teresa Lewin. We talked about how she began her journey with this cause, about the importance of understanding the body language of dogs, and the valuable programs and events offered by Doggone Safe. And by the way: it’s International Dog Bite Prevention Challenge Month!

Teresa recommends following books and links:

How To Speak Dog: Mastering the Art of Dog-Human Communication By Stanley Coren

For the Love of a Dog: Understanding Emotion in You and Your Best Friend

Living with Kids and Dogs…Without Losing Your Mind

DogGone Crazy –

Also please download the flyer ‘Talk Dog’ here (provided by the Liam J. Perk Foundation) and pass it around to friends, parents, kids and your community to educate and prevent dog bites. Thank you!

About the interviewee:

Teresa Lewin has had a lifelong interest in animal behavior. While other kids were riding their bikes and playing hopscotch Teresa was training dogs and horses. She has over 20 years experience in the field of animal behavior and training. Teresa has attended many lectures, seminars and university courses and was mentored through her education by Dr Ed Bailey, noted Canadian animal behaviorist. She has trained puppies, pet dogs, tracking dogs, protection dogs and service dogs. In her consulting practice Teresa specializes in rehabilitating problem dogs, particularly those with aggression and anxiety issues. Teresa has been a guest lecturer at several colleges and at the University of Guelph and her articles have appeared in the CAPPDT and ADPT newsletters.

Doggone Safe’s website:

Facebook: DoggoneSafe

YouTube Video about Dog Body Language:

If you liked the interview please share it with your community or feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for making an impact!

If you see any typos please send us an e-mail to – Thank you!

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Adoption Animal Stories Articles Causes and Petitions

Dear Charlie Bear, we are looking for a home for you ~ Please, don’t give up!

Charlie Bear is a special dog to me: Because of him, I was introduced to dog rescue and animal welfare in the U.S. Meeting Charlie Bear and taking care of my (now deceased) dog Samson, who suffered from a similar condition as Charlie Bear, inspired me to start our website PackPeople.

I met Charlie Bear in 2010. While on my way home from a dog walk, at popular Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA, I spotted Charlie Bear laying on the grass with his wheelchair next to him. Ingrid, one of his care-takers had taken him for a outing to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. There was this stunningly handsome dog and I wondered: WHY DOES THIS DOG NOT HAVE A HOME??? Well, despite his good looks and amazing personality, Charlie Bear has been living in a kennel facility for several years and needs a foster or family urgent! Please read Charlie Bear’s story below and help us, help Charlie Bear to get out of boarding and into a permanent FOSTER / HOME!

Here is what Ingrid, Adoption Coordinator of Pacific Coast Dog Rescue has to say about Charlie Bear:

Charlie Bear, our handsome red/golden Corgi / Akita mix is bound to a wheelchair but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life. If Charlie Bear was a human, he would be a motivational speaker. One of these fascinating people like Nick Vujicic of Australia who was born without arms and legs but has inspired thousands with his lookout out on life. Just like for Nick, attitude is altitude for Charlie Bear.

Charlie is always happy and smiles.

Charlie Bear and his buddy, a beautiful Chow Chow, were originally found on the streets and brought to a rescue. The rescue shut down before Charlie Bear and his friend were adopted and they came to Pacific Coast Dog Rescue. Charlie Bear’s buddy found a home but nobody came for Charlie Bear. Back then, Charlie Bear used to run and jump like a pup and go for daily walks. But suddenly, Charlie Bear’s hind legs started to give out. After rushing him to the ER and over time, visiting 3 different specialist, there is still no proven diagnosis. The first specialist felt that Charlie Bear might have degenerative myelopathy which is a progressive disease of the spinal cord. It begins with the loss of coordination of the hind legs and eventually leads to complete paralysis and the animal has to be euthanized. 

The second and third specialists did not agree with this assessment and felt that Charlie Bear suffers from one or more herniated discs and severe arthritis in his legs and elbows. The only way to find out, is to conduct an MRI but even with this expensive testing procedure, the specialists indicated, that Charlie Bear could probably not be cured. Charlie Bear has regressed over the past year. He initially was able to walk a couple of steps and then would fall. He was also able to somewhat walk with a sling as support. In September of 2010, we were able to get a doggie wheelchair or also called a cart.  Until just recently, Charlie Bear did very well with it and loved to go for his daily walks.

Charlie Bear loves to smell the bushes and wanted to “race”, especially when he saw a kitty to chase! But Charlie Bear is now getting weaker on his front legs and most days, he only wants to go for very short walks. Charlie Bear is not only very handsome but he is a favorite because of his strong personality! Charlie Bear will greet you with a big smile and give you soft kisses. He will goof around and challenge you, to entertain him. He will melt into your arms and be pushy to get his treats. He is just an amazing dog! THE MOST AMAZING DOG! But there is not denying that he is getting weaker. All his caretakers watch this with great concern and a deep feeling of helplessness.

Ingrid and Charlie Bear

We all love him so much (and tell him every day) but we have to start asking ourselves what is fair to Charlie Bear. He still eats like a horse, plays with toys and LOVES his peanut butter KONGS. But he can’t move much anymore. Thanks to some wonderful people, Charlie Bear has a state of the art wheelchair and a soft and comfortable mat to lay on. Even though, our staff takes care of Charlie Bear around the clock and he gets lots of attention, our dream for Charlie Bear is, to spend the remainder of his life (and who is to tell, how long that will be) in a home environment. We would love for Charlie Bear to have a grassy yard to lounge in and a quiet, peaceful place to rest. Can you help us, make this dream come true for Charlie Bear. Can you open your heart and home to Charlie Bear? Or do you know somebody who would sponsor Charlie Bear to live with a caretaker in their home?

Please share Charlie’s story and help to find a foster or forever family for this awesome dog! He lives in Burbank, California.

Please contact us today, to come visit Charlie Bear, give him a Foster / Home , sponsor Charlie Bear or simply make a donation for this care to If you are interested in Charlie please hurry and shoot us an email to

And please don’t forget to share Charlie Bear’s story with everybody you know!!!

Ingrid recommends following links:

Visit Charlie Bear:

Nick’s website:

Charlie’s desease explained:

If you see a typo, please let us know at If you have a story idea that you would like to share, please drop us an email ~ Thank you.

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A new rescue program launched by Ruff Ruff & Meow

What would your pet say if they could talk? Ruff Ruff & Meow? Let your pets express themselves through their apparel and allow them to make a statement and be heard!

Caroline Leedom, founder and president of Ruf Ruff & Meow explains to us her new rescue program to support animal rescues & non-profit groups. Not only does her program offer support but it also brings a creative and fun approach to doggie apparel.

Listen to the short 7 minute chat with Caroline and learn how you can save money and support a cause.

Get your favorite pic on canvas

You can learn how to support your favorite rescue group, get a discount on Ruff Ruff’s humorous doggie apparel or sign up your organization to receive a donation. Caroline also shares with us her new products like the canvas prints and the baby line.

Furthermore, we are happy to announce that Ruff Ruff & Meow partnered with PackPeople, YAY! We are going to list the top 25 items from Ruff Ruff & Meow in our upcoming PackPeople shop and donate 20% of our profits to small, struggling rescue organizations. For more information about this innovative company, you can listen to our audio interview with Caroline here.

Enjoy the chat and spread the word to help animals and rescues in need!
RUFF RUFF and MEOW Update – New Rescue Program launched by PackPeople

Sample coupon for potential rescues
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Help Sadie – Neglected and Unloved

“I am seeking help for a couple of dogs who are facing extreme neglect from their owners. I am trying to find help to team up with a Dogs Deserve Better rep and to reach out to the families with education & compassion to either have them bring the dogs inside their house as part of the family or have the dogs go to families that would accept them and provide care.
I want to ask you if you know any doglovers here in Indiana that can team up with me as a dog deserve better rep and reach out to this family with education and compassion to the family for these poor dogs…”Last month, a worried animal advocate contacted me and asked desperately for help with 2 poor, miserable dogs kept under inhumane circumstances in Indiana, that’s how her email started. I hope some of you guys can help, give advice or support her – PLEASE! It’s heartbreaking.
She forwarded me both dogs situations. She needs help in every area. Both the families have absolutely no education about the dog’s breed or basic needs.
Help needed for a GSD living a miserable, crated life – Please share Sadie’s story to free her!
This is a full-blooded German shepherd dog in in Indianapolis, Indiana. The owners keep her in a crate in the garage 24/7 with no potty breaks all night till next day noon/1:00 pm. Sadie is excessively crated for 22 to 23 hours daily and 14 to 16 hours at a stretch with no food, water, potty break. Garage is neither insulated nor ventilated. There are leaks in the garage and Sadie’s crate is loaded with stuff on top of it and around it. Regardless of weather conditions Sadie is kept there in that loaded messy garage.
Sadie taking a little break from the endless lonely crate living.

Sadie doesn’t get any exercise nor is she allowed in the house, no view, no toys, no treats and no companionship. Soaking wet Sadie gets shoved back in the crate. She is always alone in that dirty place and 99% of her life is forced to spend viewing the trash in the garage. This family leaves her crated in the garage when they go out of state depending on someone irresponsible who lets her out just once in 24 hours. She’s made to stay in the same condition during 115 heat index days too. Sadie had a choking tight collar that the owner mentioned has never been touched ever since they got her. So this means her collar was never adjusted as she grew! The lady has beaten dogs in the past as she also mentioned to me that she once beat the dog so badly that she could not move for 7 days!

This is Sadie in her crate for more than 20 hours a day. Picture is provided by samaritan.
Animal Control came into the picture but the investigator sided with the family and all the neglect going on. He said he lived in Afghanistan for 1 year and was used to the heat, therefore the dog will adapt to 115 heat index too. This ACO blocked all the possible help that could come from other sources.  Someone always gives this family a dog and their dogs die early deaths. They think it’s the dogs fate that they don’t get to live good years of life and their being hyper/aggressive etc is built in personalities. Whereas they don’t realize that it is the result of their mistreatment toward the dog. I tried to show them by examples of how I take good care of my dog and later have even volunteered help for Sadie but it was not received well. The family does not care about making a few changes in their habits that would be a reasonable remedy/relief to avoid this unjustifiable pain being caused to Sadie, resulting in continued neglect.


Dogs have a smaller bladder and can get infections like human beings. Sadie is forced to hold potty for hours every day (all night till next day noon). The lady wears ear plugs during the night and thus doesn’t get up to let Sadie out for potty. Sadie has no morning potty break either until noon. In the mornings, the lady along with her daughter passes by Sadie through the garage to get to work, school. This highly intelligent and loyal German shepherd was given to them by someone and Sadie is not welcomed as part of the family. Laziness in getting out to the garage and meeting her needs outside the house is another big factor in not providing care. Sadie’s food and water bowls are old rusted pans kept outside the house and if there’s water/food in her bowl, it’s either very hot in summers or freezing cold in winters.  Sadie is heart worm positive. There’s more neglect that takes place on daily basis. I’ve been trying very hard to find help for Sadie for the past 1 year now but have not been unsuccessful to help her out of this situation.


Dogs are companion animals and being separated from the pack means death to the dog. She is starved for love and attention. She’s harmed herself out of anxiety and has broken her tooth while probably chewing on the crate. She needs to be rescued before she breaks the rest of her teeth.
I am trying to do a chip in to offer money to the family to free Sadie from her situation, to treat her heart worm and then re-home her to a welcoming loving family. Also need help with a foster home for her or a permanent home. Below is the link to the chip in
I look forward to your help for Sadie.
I am human, if you see a typo, please let me know at If you have a story idea that you would like to share, please drop me an email. Thank you!
Books and Movies Lilly Recommends Ringo Bingo's Raffle

Win a copy of 'Soldier Dogs' – Ringo's Raffle

Our March Giveaway is looking for a new owner! Fresh from the press and ready for release on Thursday, March 15, Soldier Dogs – The Untold Story of America’s Canine Heroes by Maria Goodavage is definitely a must read for every dog lover. These stories of soldier dogs contributing to military efforts, and the special bonds that develop between them and their handlers, truly celebrate the heroism, loyalty and sacrifices of these amazing dogs.

We had the great pleasures of reviewing Maria’s book in advance and interviewing her last week. Join our raffle by entering through as many or as few of the methods below (Rafflecopter). You can also “Like” this article on our Facebook page, or tweet about it from this page, to enter the raffle. Cute little Ringo will pick the winner at the end of the month. This giveaway is open to US mailing addresses only and ends at 12:01am Pacific on Friday, March 30, 2012. Good luck!

Contests Ringo Bingo's Raffle

Ringo’s Raffle – Arm the Animals girl’s shirt in light blue – Bulldog Blade

Hey PackPeople –

Isn’t this a sexy shirt? [Yes, it is!] It’s one of the newest designs from the Arm the Animals Collection – and the newest item offered for Ringo’s Raffle, sponsored by Arm the Animals [Thank you, guys!]. Who is Arm the Animals? A young company located in Los Angeles, created by Matthew and Danian to support animal welfare groups and pet rescues. They’ve donated this terrific T-shirt – so please be nice and show Arm the Animals some love by joining and sharing their new campaign

Matthew talked to Rufino about their Kickstarter campaign today [February, 22nd 2012]:

Matt’s Update – Kickstarter Campaign by PackPeople

“Saving Animals One T-Shirt At A Time” on kickstarter. They are young, caring, creative and as you can see generous – they deserve our support! Watch the video and get involved!

Want to learn more about this awesome company and their kickstarter campaign? Listen to our audio interview with Matthew – We had the great pleasure of talking to him last year and learned how they decide on designs for their stylish, high-quality shirts, why many celebrities are involved in Arm the Animals efforts and why two friends started a business like this.

Win a Bulldog Blade Girls Shirt, Size M in Light Blue

How to win and qualify?

Make sure to take part in the Rafflecopter box below. There are different ways to become the proud winner of this shirt and we promise it’s easier than you thought. Choose one or more options to qualify – and you could be the winner, picked by the cutest raffle moderator ever (Ringo!) at the end of February 2012. Please enter only if you have a U.S. shipping address.  Like the blog post or copy and paste this into the Rafflecopter tweet box: Giveaway @packpeople: Win a Bulldog Blade shirt for girls.

And the winner is:

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Bring Loyalty Home – Interview with Pets for Patriots founder Beth Zimmerman

Founded in 2009, Pets for Patriots, Inc. is the inspiration of Beth Zimmerman. Through Pets for Patriots, the most vulnerable shelter pets are given a second chance at life while enhancing the lives of our veterans and service personnel. This very special organization saves at-risk dogs and cats and places them in the loving homes of those who serve and have served our country.

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Beth Zimmerman, Founder, Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Pets for Patriots, a conversation we’re honored to share with our PackPeople audience. Among the topics discussed are her motivation for starting Pets for Patriots, how they reach out to military staff, how shelters and veterinarians can get involved, and issues encountered in the military community (such as stress) that have been served well by adopting an animal.

Please enjoy and learn from the interview here:

Pets for Patriots – Interview with Beth Zimmerman by PackPeople

Here’s an inspiring video by Pets for Patriots: Bring Loyalty Home

Also, this video by Pets for Patriots further demonstrates the importance of their work:

Pets for Patriots, Inc.


Facebook: Pets for Patriots, Inc.

Twitter: @PetsforPatriots

You Tube:

Links and recommendations:

In addition to, Beth recommends the following websites to our PackPeople audience:



American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Best Friends Animal Society

Spreading the word can help save lives! If you liked the interview please share it with your community by clicking the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of this article or feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for making an impact!

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All photos courtesy of Pets for Patriots, Inc.; all rights reserved. 

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How a dog grows from just a couple of a cells to a walking, barking canine companion

We received this great infographic from this week and wanted to share the superb work of Pet365 with our community.

We love the way they approach their topic – spreads knowledge in a fun and entertaining way, with wonderful, easy-to-understand visuals. If you are interested in adding this graphic or the banner to your own blog or website, visit’s blog and get the HTML code, it’s free. High five and shake!

Puppy Development
Created by Pet365

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UK-based DogCast Radio – Interview with Julie Hill

While maintaining our PackPeople’s Twitter account 1 month ago I found Julie Hill’s profile and thought that this could be a very interesting addition to our interview series.  Julie is the founder of DogCast Radio, a twice monthly radio show all about dogs which first aired in 2005. On her website you can hear the show for free, download it for listening at home or on your MP3 player, or subscribe to it as a Podcast.

This entertaining and informative show for dog lovers covers important and interesting topics such as dog training, dog news, dog adoption, health…. the list is endless, and it’s truly fun to listen and learn!

Julie’s enthusiasm about what she does is engaging, and we’re grateful she joined us from her home base in England. We’re honored to share the interview with our PackPeople audience of animal advocates and responsible pet owners.

DogCast Radio show with Julie Hill by PackPeople
DogCast Radio


Twitter: @DogCastRadio

Facebook: DogCast Radio

Julie recommended following books, videos and pet related links:

Books: Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog  by Ted Kerasote

Links: Hound TV

PetPlanet – a great resource to research breeds to adopt –

Facebook and Twitter – social media is valuable for networking with other dog lovers and dog owners

Video: Eight Below  directed by Frank Marshall – Eight brave sled dogs search for their master, who is trying to rescue them in this adventure-drama.

Spreading the word can help save lives! If you liked the interview please share it with your community by clicking the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of this article or feel free to leave a comment. Thank you for making an impact!

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