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Help Sadie – Neglected and Unloved

“I am seeking help for a couple of dogs who are facing extreme neglect from their owners. I am trying to find help to team up with a Dogs Deserve Better rep and to reach out to the families with education & compassion to either have them bring the dogs inside their house as part of the family or have the dogs go to families that would accept them and provide care.
I want to ask you if you know any doglovers here in Indiana that can team up with me as a dog deserve better rep and reach out to this family with education and compassion to the family for these poor dogs…”Last month, a worried animal advocate contacted me and asked desperately for help with 2 poor, miserable dogs kept under inhumane circumstances in Indiana, that’s how her email started. I hope some of you guys can help, give advice or support her – PLEASE! It’s heartbreaking.
She forwarded me both dogs situations. She needs help in every area. Both the families have absolutely no education about the dog’s breed or basic needs.
Help needed for a GSD living a miserable, crated life – Please share Sadie’s story to free her!
This is a full-blooded German shepherd dog in in Indianapolis, Indiana. The owners keep her in a crate in the garage 24/7 with no potty breaks all night till next day noon/1:00 pm. Sadie is excessively crated for 22 to 23 hours daily and 14 to 16 hours at a stretch with no food, water, potty break. Garage is neither insulated nor ventilated. There are leaks in the garage and Sadie’s crate is loaded with stuff on top of it and around it. Regardless of weather conditions Sadie is kept there in that loaded messy garage.
Sadie taking a little break from the endless lonely crate living.

Sadie doesn’t get any exercise nor is she allowed in the house, no view, no toys, no treats and no companionship. Soaking wet Sadie gets shoved back in the crate. She is always alone in that dirty place and 99% of her life is forced to spend viewing the trash in the garage. This family leaves her crated in the garage when they go out of state depending on someone irresponsible who lets her out just once in 24 hours. She’s made to stay in the same condition during 115 heat index days too. Sadie had a choking tight collar that the owner mentioned has never been touched ever since they got her. So this means her collar was never adjusted as she grew! The lady has beaten dogs in the past as she also mentioned to me that she once beat the dog so badly that she could not move for 7 days!

This is Sadie in her crate for more than 20 hours a day. Picture is provided by samaritan.
Animal Control came into the picture but the investigator sided with the family and all the neglect going on. He said he lived in Afghanistan for 1 year and was used to the heat, therefore the dog will adapt to 115 heat index too. This ACO blocked all the possible help that could come from other sources.  Someone always gives this family a dog and their dogs die early deaths. They think it’s the dogs fate that they don’t get to live good years of life and their being hyper/aggressive etc is built in personalities. Whereas they don’t realize that it is the result of their mistreatment toward the dog. I tried to show them by examples of how I take good care of my dog and later have even volunteered help for Sadie but it was not received well. The family does not care about making a few changes in their habits that would be a reasonable remedy/relief to avoid this unjustifiable pain being caused to Sadie, resulting in continued neglect.


Dogs have a smaller bladder and can get infections like human beings. Sadie is forced to hold potty for hours every day (all night till next day noon). The lady wears ear plugs during the night and thus doesn’t get up to let Sadie out for potty. Sadie has no morning potty break either until noon. In the mornings, the lady along with her daughter passes by Sadie through the garage to get to work, school. This highly intelligent and loyal German shepherd was given to them by someone and Sadie is not welcomed as part of the family. Laziness in getting out to the garage and meeting her needs outside the house is another big factor in not providing care. Sadie’s food and water bowls are old rusted pans kept outside the house and if there’s water/food in her bowl, it’s either very hot in summers or freezing cold in winters.  Sadie is heart worm positive. There’s more neglect that takes place on daily basis. I’ve been trying very hard to find help for Sadie for the past 1 year now but have not been unsuccessful to help her out of this situation.


Dogs are companion animals and being separated from the pack means death to the dog. She is starved for love and attention. She’s harmed herself out of anxiety and has broken her tooth while probably chewing on the crate. She needs to be rescued before she breaks the rest of her teeth.
I am trying to do a chip in to offer money to the family to free Sadie from her situation, to treat her heart worm and then re-home her to a welcoming loving family. Also need help with a foster home for her or a permanent home. Below is the link to the chip in
I look forward to your help for Sadie.
I am human, if you see a typo, please let me know at If you have a story idea that you would like to share, please drop me an email. Thank you!

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