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Dear Charlie Bear, we are looking for a home for you ~ Please, don’t give up!

Charlie Bear is a special dog to me: Because of him, I was introduced to dog rescue and animal welfare in the U.S. Meeting Charlie Bear and taking care of my (now deceased) dog Samson, who suffered from a similar condition as Charlie Bear, inspired me to start our website PackPeople.

I met Charlie Bear in 2010. While on my way home from a dog walk, at popular Griffith Park in Los Angeles, CA, I spotted Charlie Bear laying on the grass with his wheelchair next to him. Ingrid, one of his care-takers had taken him for a outing to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. There was this stunningly handsome dog and I wondered: WHY DOES THIS DOG NOT HAVE A HOME??? Well, despite his good looks and amazing personality, Charlie Bear has been living in a kennel facility for several years and needs a foster or family urgent! Please read Charlie Bear’s story below and help us, help Charlie Bear to get out of boarding and into a permanent FOSTER / HOME!

Here is what Ingrid, Adoption Coordinator of Pacific Coast Dog Rescue has to say about Charlie Bear:

Charlie Bear, our handsome red/golden Corgi / Akita mix is bound to a wheelchair but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying life. If Charlie Bear was a human, he would be a motivational speaker. One of these fascinating people like Nick Vujicic of Australia who was born without arms and legs but has inspired thousands with his lookout out on life. Just like for Nick, attitude is altitude for Charlie Bear.

Charlie is always happy and smiles.

Charlie Bear and his buddy, a beautiful Chow Chow, were originally found on the streets and brought to a rescue. The rescue shut down before Charlie Bear and his friend were adopted and they came to Pacific Coast Dog Rescue. Charlie Bear’s buddy found a home but nobody came for Charlie Bear. Back then, Charlie Bear used to run and jump like a pup and go for daily walks. But suddenly, Charlie Bear’s hind legs started to give out. After rushing him to the ER and over time, visiting 3 different specialist, there is still no proven diagnosis. The first specialist felt that Charlie Bear might have degenerative myelopathy which is a progressive disease of the spinal cord. It begins with the loss of coordination of the hind legs and eventually leads to complete paralysis and the animal has to be euthanized. 

The second and third specialists did not agree with this assessment and felt that Charlie Bear suffers from one or more herniated discs and severe arthritis in his legs and elbows. The only way to find out, is to conduct an MRI but even with this expensive testing procedure, the specialists indicated, that Charlie Bear could probably not be cured. Charlie Bear has regressed over the past year. He initially was able to walk a couple of steps and then would fall. He was also able to somewhat walk with a sling as support. In September of 2010, we were able to get a doggie wheelchair or also called a cart.  Until just recently, Charlie Bear did very well with it and loved to go for his daily walks.

Charlie Bear loves to smell the bushes and wanted to “race”, especially when he saw a kitty to chase! But Charlie Bear is now getting weaker on his front legs and most days, he only wants to go for very short walks. Charlie Bear is not only very handsome but he is a favorite because of his strong personality! Charlie Bear will greet you with a big smile and give you soft kisses. He will goof around and challenge you, to entertain him. He will melt into your arms and be pushy to get his treats. He is just an amazing dog! THE MOST AMAZING DOG! But there is not denying that he is getting weaker. All his caretakers watch this with great concern and a deep feeling of helplessness.

Ingrid and Charlie Bear

We all love him so much (and tell him every day) but we have to start asking ourselves what is fair to Charlie Bear. He still eats like a horse, plays with toys and LOVES his peanut butter KONGS. But he can’t move much anymore. Thanks to some wonderful people, Charlie Bear has a state of the art wheelchair and a soft and comfortable mat to lay on. Even though, our staff takes care of Charlie Bear around the clock and he gets lots of attention, our dream for Charlie Bear is, to spend the remainder of his life (and who is to tell, how long that will be) in a home environment. We would love for Charlie Bear to have a grassy yard to lounge in and a quiet, peaceful place to rest. Can you help us, make this dream come true for Charlie Bear. Can you open your heart and home to Charlie Bear? Or do you know somebody who would sponsor Charlie Bear to live with a caretaker in their home?

Please share Charlie’s story and help to find a foster or forever family for this awesome dog! He lives in Burbank, California.

Please contact us today, to come visit Charlie Bear, give him a Foster / Home , sponsor Charlie Bear or simply make a donation for this care to If you are interested in Charlie please hurry and shoot us an email to

And please don’t forget to share Charlie Bear’s story with everybody you know!!!

Ingrid recommends following links:

Visit Charlie Bear:

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Charlie’s desease explained:

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Hi, Fellow PackPeople –

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Of course, we’ll continue to feature our interviews with the people who make animal rescue, welfare and care a priority, as well as our informative blog entries from passionate animal activists. So in the meantime, please enjoy reading the information we truly enjoy sharing.



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Dear Foster Mom, Foster Dad:

This article was submitted by our friend Ingrid Hurel, Adoption Coordinator and Activist at Pacific Coast Dog Rescue.

“You will remember, I have lived with you for a time,
I may not be yours, but you will always be mine.”

This is the end of a very powerful poem, “written” by a Foster dog. Being a Foster parent, really is the beginning. The beginning of life for a dog, who never had a chance before. A dog, who was saved from death-row at the shelter, a dog who was tossed out, like a piece of trash, a dog, who was passed around, because they were moving, they became allergic, they had a human baby, they didn’t have anymore time, maybe the dog wasn’t a cute puppy anymore or became too old or ill. They seem to be a million reasons, to give up a dog.

The beginning of life for a dog, who lived on a chain in a backyard, a dog who never got any attention or toys, a dog who didn’t have any shelter and slept on cold concrete. A dog who was running the streets, hungry, scared, injured. The beginning of life for a dog, who has spend years in a boarding kennel, living in a concrete dog run, because nobody wanted him or her. Maybe a black or a brindle dog, or a Pit Bull, or an old or handicapped dog, because most people want fluffy, young, light-colored dogs.

And then the miracle happens and you become a Hero without even knowing it. Your Foster dog comes home, for the first time sleeps on a soft bed, for the first time experiences human affection and kindness. Your Foster dog will start changing. You will see a smile on his/her face, your Foster dog might start playing with toys, wagging the tail and give kisses. Your Foster dog may be rolling in the grass, racing around and then snuggling up close to you, look deep in your eyes and you will know, you did the right thing.

This knowledge will carry you do the hard times, that you may experience with your Foster dog. Traumatic experiences are not always overcome easy. Your Foster dog might experience separation anxiety, aggression issues with people and/or other animals. You Foster dog might pee in your house, vomit, destroy things. You will have to plan your life around your Foster dog and you will ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Well, you are doing this, because you have committed to this and you know, that without you, your Foster dog, will not have a chance. You are doing this, because, once you know, what a wonderful life, the dog will have in his/her forever home, you will do this again and it was all worth it. You are doing it, because you will learn a lot about yourself in the process. You are doing it, because, you have to. For the sake of the dog.

Maybe you are fostering, because you are not ready to adopt, you can’t commit to a long-term guardianship, you are not financially stable enough. But you can always foster a dog. And you are not alone in this. Whether you want to foster one of our dogs or not, Pacific Coast Dog Rescue will be able to guide you through the process. With years of experience, having saved and placed over 2000 dogs and the best dog trainer in Los Angeles, David Roe, Pacific Coast Dog Rescue, makes the right matches and eases the dogs into their forever homes.

To you, this might be only one dog, but to the dog, you are the world.


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Handmade leather dog collars by California Collar Co. in Los Angeles

California Collar Co. is a small artisan-run business located in Los Angeles which specializes in handmade leather dog collars, leashes, harnesses and dog accessories. Rilee, the owner, runs a dog boutique in Burbank where the gear is made, displays many different styles of her work and gives you a look into her workshop.  A very sweet, nice person, she takes the time to talk to you and discuss your ideas of the perfect collar for your dog and makes your dog’s new collar very special and unique. We are so glad that we found this young team of artists with a big heart for rescue dogs – Rilee supports local shelters and is a big fan of Pit Bulls – as well as excellent customer service!

Packpeople love the collars Rilee and her team creates  – we decided to go with the Isabella Leather Design with light green crystals for Samson, Lilly, Red and Ringo. We also recommend the Leather Cafe Lead. We’re excited to share with you her answers and insights.

California Collar Co. – Dog Boutique located in Los Angeles

Facebook: California Collar Company

Interviewee: Rilee

This is a very unique online shop with customized collars, leashes, harnesses for dogs. Tell us about your products. What do you offer?

– We specialize in handmade leather goods for dogs, including collars, harnesses, leashes, multi-function leads and ID holders. Most of our products come with several leather, lining and hardware choices. With so many options to choose from, we’ve got something to suit just about anyone’s style.

When did you open your workshop here in Burbank and when did you launch your website

– We opened our North Hollywood workshop in August, 2010 and our online shop was started back in 2008.

Why did you choose to start a pet business?

– I’m pretty sure this business chose me! I started out making things for my own dogs and everything just kind of took off from there.

Are your products carried only in the US, or they available worldwide?

– Our products are available worldwide through our website. We’ll ship anywhere you can imagine and have served customers from Denmark to New Zealand and just about everywhere in between.

What kind of materials do you use?

– We use 100% vegetable tanned English Bridle Leather for the foundation of our products. The hardware we use is either solid brass or stainless steel, and many of our collars and harnesses can be lined with super soft lambskin leather. We also carry about 40 different shades of Swarovski crystals for those who feel like getting a little fancy.

What inspired you to create this workshop? What kind of feedback are you getting from people?

– I feel like we’ve all become a bit disconnected from the things we buy, so I wanted to create a place where people could see where their dog gear is made and meet the people who actually make it. And after a couple of years of selling online, I really wanted to be able to interact with my customers on a more personal level. One of my very favorite things about the workshop is meeting everyone and hearing about how they met their dogs. It’s pretty amazing to see the effect a dog can have on someone’s life.

Why do you think there has been such an increase in demand for luxury pet products over the last ten years?

– I’m not quite sure about that, actually. My own dogs sleep on moving blankets and still eat out of the same plain steel bowls they’ve had for years, but I think collars are a little different. Every dog needs one and since it’s literally the only accessory they wear all day every day, why not make it a good one?

You carry a wide range of stylish products. What would you consider the most unique items you sell?

– I think the most unique items we sell would be our large breed dog collars. It can be difficult to find collars that are strong enough to handle the antics of a large breed dog while still serving up a healthy dose of style.

Do you offer a warranty on your products?

– We sure do. All of our products come with a lifetime structural guarantee. If any buckles, rivets or d-rings fail or the leather itself splits or breaks from material defect, we’ll repair it for free. If any spots, nameplates or ornaments come loose or fall off, we’ll fix those at no charge as well.

What sets your dog boutique apart from the others?

– The main difference between our shop and more conventional dog boutiques is that we make all of our products from scratch on site. Our customers can see the materials we use and can even choose their own custom color schemes. The workshop setting also allows us to give our customers more personalized attention than they’d normally find in a regular pet supply store.

Can you tell me a little bit more about the collar collections? What kind of collars do you offer?

– Our designs are inspired by the types of collars you’d see back in the early 20th Century, the ones that were made of high grade equestrian leather and adorned with brass studs and engraved name plates. I’ve always loved how distinguished dogs looked back then. We started off specializing in leather collars for large breed dogs, but have recently released a line of collars for small to medium breed dogs as well. Most of our collars are the popular standard buckle type collars and we also carry some specialty designs such as martingales, slip collars and ID holders.

What inspires you to create these collections?

– The thing that inspires me the most is my desire to make dogs look important. It’s no secret that I’m a huge Pit Bull fan, and it’s essential to me to help convey the image of cherished companion for Pit Bulls and other maligned breeds. l want everyone to look at a dog wearing one of my designs and think, “Wow, someone must really love that dog.”

What has been the greatest challenge in growing your business?

– I’d say the biggest challenge has been trying not to grow too fast. I don’t ever want to lose the level of quality and customer service we’re known for.

What advice would you give someone about to launch a new pet related business?

– Do it because you really and truly love it. Everything else will fall into place in time.

Do you have pets of your own?

– Of course! I have two dogs, my beloved Pit Bulls Mija and Daisy. Mija has taught me so much about the breed and about dogs in general. Daisy was supposed to be a foster dog, but she decided she’d rather stay with me and my partner Raz. She is now our honorary ‘shop dog’, so expect to see her if you swing by.

You also support shelters in Los Angeles and you have a foster dog? Would you tell us a little bit about that?

– Raz and I both volunteered with Los Angeles Animal Services for about four years, which is where we came to understand the gravity of the unwanted pet situation. We’ve recently decided to turn our attention to keeping dogs from winding up in the shelter in the first place. We foster dogs from time to time, our most recent being an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix named Santos. He spent several months at our place recovering from Demodex mange, which was so severe that he couldn’t even walk without his skin cracking open. He’s all healed up now and has since made the trek down to Austin, TX so that Reunion Rescue can find him his forever home.

Why do you think adoption from a local shelter or rescue organization is important?

– I can say from experience that adopting a rescue dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Here in Los Angeles, there are literally thousands of dogs available for adoption on any given day. Until we can get pet overpopulation under control, adoption is the way to go!

Are you thinking to add new products to your design line and what are your future plans?

– We’re in the midst of designing a new line of harnesses, which we’re really excited about. And there will be several new collar designs coming out within the next few weeks, all with matching leashes. We’re also looking forward to attending many LA area festivals in the coming year so we can meet more of our fellow Angelenos. So if you see us out and about, stop by and say ‘hi’!

Which websites or pet related links would you recommend to packpeople?

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