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Exceptional Care and Dedication – Interview with Marlene from Animal Ark [Audio]

No-kill is resounding throughout the U.S. and many shelters are becoming no-kill or getting informed about the movement. We were searching for no-kill shelters and rescues to interview and found Animal Ark located in Minnesota. Unlike some other shelters, Animal Ark maintains a no-kill philosophy toward animal rescue and adoption. Most people didn’t believe that no-kill was possible… now it’s not only possible, but it’s happening in many areas of the country.

Animal Ark is a unique concept, and we would love to see more animals living and treated as per Animal Ark’s exceptional standards. Homeless pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) are housed in a home-like environment. There are no concrete and stainless steel runs/cages for dogs, cats live in large open kitty apartments and bunnies enjoy a luxurious life in bunny suites. Pets receive medical attention, training and socialization. Sounds like paradise for adoptable pets! Animal Ark is indeed a special, loving and caring place for animals on earth.

We were honored to speak with Marlene, the founder and President Emeritus of Animal Ark. Marlene talks about her shelter facility, the no-kill movement and educates us with deep insights in animal welfare.
Safe innocent life’s don’t kill! – Interview with Marlene from Animal Ark, Minnesota by PackPeople
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Animal Ark's Campaign for 2012

Animal Ark, founded in 1977, is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to educating people about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spay&neuter and reinforcing the bond between humans and animals. A Community Platform was created to provide information, questions and fun stuff, where animal lovers meet virtually to share news, pictures and chat. The Animal Ark Thrift Store, an idea from the President Emeritus, Executive Director and Founder of Animal Ark, Marlene Foote, was established to help support the rescued animals by selling items donated by generous animal lovers. The shelter is located in Hastings, Minnesota; and you can find The Animal Ark Thrift & Pet Store on 809 E. 7th Street in St. Paul.

About the interviewee: A peace pole was dedicated to Marlene Foote, in honor of her years of service to companion animals. This says a lot about our interviewee Marlene Foote, an animal advocate with many strong convictions. Through her passion and dedication to animal welfare, Marlene has made a huge, positive difference in the lives of animals. She strongly believes that companion animals that are rescued should be helped, not killed.

Animal Ark


Facebook: Animal Ark

Twitter: @MNanimalark

Marlene Foote’s links and recommendations: 

Redemption by Nathan Winograd

Irreconcilable Differences by Nathan Winograd

Not Fit for a Dog! by Michael W. Fox, Elizabeth Hodgkins and Marion E. Smart

Food Pets Die For by Ann Martin

When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy

No Kill Nation –

No Kill Advocacy Center –

Animal Wise Radio –

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Advocacy and Activism Cool and Fun Stuff Interviews on No - Kill Movement

SharingPet – Help us save 1 million dogs in 2012 is a new social network for pets and the people who love them. The mission of Sharingpet is to transform and develop internet solutions to protect and improve the lives of animals – including an innovative virtual adoption platform.

This San Francisco-based project’s primary goal is to be one of the leaders in the no-kill movement, eliminating unnecessary euthanasia in U.S. animal shelters. As the catalyst of the online no-kill movement, using the power of social media, Sharingpet’s movement is known as “Save 1 Million More”.

We had the great pleasure to chat with co-founder Luis Cifuentes last week and learn about the mission of Sharingpet. It’s a great project we want to support and – truly encourage everyone to take action. Enjoy!

If you want to learn more about’s movement #save1mMORE and virtual adoption, please watch this helpful video:


Twitter: @sharingpet

Facebook: Sharingpet

Fun and interesting websites Luis mentioned are:

PackPeople – YAY!

Alley Cat Allies –

Muttville  – (check out our interview with Muttvile Rescue here)

Madonna of the Mills information about the movie at – PackPeople’s Blog entry about Madonna of the Mills

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"No-Kill" is a culture, not a definition – Interview with Aubrie Kavanaugh

This is Donut a 1 year old Pit Bull Mix. He was supposed to be destroyed 2 weeks ago (L.A. Shelter), because of agression issues.

We had the great pleasure to interview our dear friend Aubrie Kavanaugh (Paws4Change) a second time to talk about the “No Kill” movement in America. Our first interview with Aubrie covered general information about her animal advocate website, a highly informative source of information about animal welfare, puppy mills, shelter dogs, spay & neuter programs and many more animal-related topics. You should also check Aubrie’s Reading Room with many excellent book recommendations.

Aubrie is an animal advocate, supporting animal rescue groups. This time we discussed some interesting aspects about the no kill movement with her and shed some much-needed light on the term “no kill”, covering such topics as:

What is a “no-kill shelter” or how does a city get the title of a “no-kill city”? Who is responsible for the mass killing of dogs and cats in shelters? How many animals are destroyed in shelters each year and why?

Everyone who cares about animal welfare, animal rescue, animal adoption and/or his/her local pet rescue group should take 30 minutes to listen to this interview. We want to thank Aubrie for sharing this information with us and taking the time on the side of her actual work to help animals in America.

The dog in the picture, “Donut”, has a story. Please check his rescue story here.

Paws 4 Change


Facebook: Paws4Change

Interviewee: Aubrie Kavanaugh / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

No Kill Movement – Aubrie Kavanaugh by PackPeople

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Adoption No - Kill Movement Non - Profits Pit Bulls Shelter Animals

Donut's Story

Donut as a Puppy


In October 2010, I had networked a mother dog and her two pups (then 12 weeks old) . A homeless family, living in an RV found the mother dog pregnant and she gave birth to several pups in the RV.

When I met them, they still had 2 puppies and the mom. They wanted to get rid of the mom and keep the pups. The day, they were all supposed to get fixed, they hid the male puppy, DONUT, and told me, that they had given him away. I was upset but still got mom and daughter fixed and brought them back. I then had found a home for the female pup and tried to convince the homeless family, to let me adopt her to this wonderful home. When I came back to pick mom and daughter up for suture removal, DONUT slipped out of the RV. They had lied to me, he was with them the whole time but they didn’t want him to get neutered.

So, I decided, not to bring momma dog and puppy back after they got the stitches out, since the family had lied to me. The Puppy went directly into her home  and the family threatened me for weeks with calling the police because I “stole” their puppy. Momma dog IS STILL IN MY ONLY FOSTER HOME. She is an amazing dog but all these months later, she has not found a home (Video below).

THEY HAD TO GET RID OF HIM AND DUMPED HIM AT THE WEST LOS ANGELES SHELTER. When he was a puppy, they wouldn’t give him up but now…..I am an an independent rescuer and I am beyond full. I CAN’T LET DONUT DIE IN THE SHELTER, SINCE I PLACED HIS SISTER AND STILL HAVE HIS MOM.

Mama Dog when she was living in a R.V. - Katie Girl - Still for Adoption

Update:  Many of you have followed Donut’s story:

Katie Girl - For Adoption

His mother was taken off the streets by a homeless family, she was pregnant and gave birth to several pups in the homeless family’s RV trailer. Some pups died, some were given away and we rescued Donut’s mother and his sister. But they refused to give us Donut or let him be neutered. Now, 8 months later, they dumped him. He ended up at West LA Shelter and because of living with this family in a crazy environment, he is FREAKED out and was deemed aggressive in the shelter. The day of his scheduled euthanization, we found out and stopped it.

OUR RESCUE IS FULL, FULL, FULL but we couldn’t let Donut die.


Often, dogs do not get rescued, UNLESS DONATIONS ARE RAISED BEFORE PULLING THE DOG. We didn’t have time, in order to save Donut’s life. BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!!! We have only raised about $500 so far, (Chip in PLUS PAYPAL) and we will need to raise at least $2000. Donut is not ready to be up for adoption and will receive training at our facility, his future adopter will receive a training DVD of Donut and a free lesson at placement but the training alone costs $2000, this is not including the boarding cost.

Please make a donation for Donut here:


Donut and his mom are listed on our and other websites for adoption!

BUT WE NEED YOUR HELP: Donut will need training. He is NOT aggressive but totally freaked out and not socilialized due to living with the homeless family (the father is an abusive alcoholic). PLEASE HELP ME, BY DONATING TOWARDS DONUT’S TRAINING AND RESCUE. As you know, he will not be able to be placed quickly and our rescue has a lot of expenses! Please donate VIA CHIP-IN or PAYPAL to

Please watch his video and see, how beautiful he is (that is, after a much needed bath and gaining some weight).
Video Donut:

Video Donuts Mom:

Adoption No - Kill Movement Non - Profits Pit Bulls Puppy Mills Shelter Animals

A powerful documentary film – The practice of puppy mills – Please help sharing!

Tonight on HBO – at 8pm – August, 24 

Dog Lovers- Dog Advocates – Animal Activists – Dear Friends and Supporters 

If nothing matters – there is nothing to save!

Please, please, please share and use the power of Social Media! I just found this and I really want to encourage everybody to support and create a buzz about it.

From the official Madonna of the Mills website: The film follows Laura, as she travels into the bleak environment of Pennsylvania puppy mills in order to rescue breeder dogs from their horrible situation. The film has real heart. It will open your eyes and expose you to the terrible practice of puppy mills. It clearly shows that adopting a dog is the best way to go.”

“Madonna of the Mills” is a documentary about Laura, an office manager from Staten Island, who stumbled on this secret four years ago and vowed to save as many of these breeding dogs as she possibly could. Laura has now rescued over 2,000 dogs from Amish and Mennonite farmers in Pennsylvania. In the process, she has forever changed her life and the lives of those families fortunate enough to adopt one of these remarkable “puppy mill” survivors.

Watch the trailer here:

Madonna of the Mills Trailer from Umbrella Girl Media on Vimeo.

Link to the show on HBO:
Link to their website:
Twitter: @MoftheMills

Check out the Interview with the Director Andy Nibley here.

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PackPeople adds your fundraising to our mission!

Hi, Fellow PackPeople –

We are very excited to announce a new phase in our mission toward achieving a no-kill nation – the launch of our free platform that can be used by shelters and rescues all across America and abroad to raise funds, increase awareness, manage and organize volunteers and events.


With PackPeople’s new organizing platform, groups and individuals will be able to support, start and join animal welfare groups in an easy-to-follow online format, illustrated below:

The launch of this new development is coming soon, and we hope you’ll join PackPeople as a participating member to gain the benefits of this free program – one that will help save and improve the lives of countless animals.

Of course, we’ll continue to feature our interviews with the people who make animal rescue, welfare and care a priority, as well as our informative blog entries from passionate animal activists. So in the meantime, please enjoy reading the information we truly enjoy sharing.



You don’t want to wait? Be one of the first ones! Fill out the form below and join our list of the top 50 organizations.


Adoption Breeds No - Kill Movement Non - Profits Pet Care Pet Care Pit Bulls Shelter Animals

Speaking Up for Z

We love this entry from guest blogger Katie Jockers at and Beloved Beasts… very important words about believing in – and speaking up for – pit bulls, animals and the mission to save lives. Thank you, Katie! – Rufino and Yurda

[from Katie:]

An interesting thing happened last week:

I exited the grocery store and found myself facing a soft, handsome, 8-month-old tan and white pit bull. A young man was proudly holding his leash. I waited my turn as the lady in front of me dropped her groceries to give pats and praise, and then I asked if I might say hello to the furry man of the hour. Permission granted, I proceeded to pat and compliment and gush. The dog’s name is “Z”. I complimented the young man on how nice and well-socialized his puppy was. Of course, I also took the opportunity to ask if he had attended the rally at the state capital in support of reversing Denver’s breed ban. No? He didn’t even know about it. I gave him the information to join one of the local groups, and scrawled out StubbyDog and BAD RAP’s info for him, which he was glad to have.
(BAD RAP and StubbyDog are both excellent online pit bull resources. Although they are not in Denver, I wanted him to see both)

Then, I can only think he misunderstood me, because then he boasted, “We breed Pits too! We have Daisy and Meathead, Desi and ZanyMan… They all have huge heads, man. It’s sick, Yo.”


I didn’t know what to say. I picked up my bag, told him his dog was a sweetie, and started to walk away. I was stunned. As I processed what I had just heard, I began muttering “Idiot!” under my breath. Suddenly in my head the young man was no longer a nice guy out with his dog. He was an idiotic, baggy pants, sideways-hat-wearing, irresponsible, stupid, lowlife punk.

How quickly we change. The things I regarded minutes before merely as unfortunate, yet harmless, fashion choices on his part now became evidence of this punk-ass lowlife monster and propagator of misery for the breed I love so dearly. I hate it that I did this, but I did. I gathered peripheral details and stacked them up against him, almost justifying walking away instead of trying to talk to him.

Let me just say here that I know talking to people who “don’t get” it is not going to change things in a day, and I don’t hold any crazy ideas that some people will suddenly stop regarding pit bulls as badges and things. But I think that when it is safe to do so, we need to speak up for those who can’t. I am not proud to admit I almost walked away and complained without saying something, but I think it is a choice we all have to face and I need you to know that yes, it was hard. It was scary, and even though I am outspoken about animal well-being in general, I still almost walked away.

I knew I had to say something, and I also knew I had to collect myself. I put my groceries in my Jeep. Hopped in, and pulled around to catch him as he walked around to the back of the store. I felt safer up in my Jeep. I had already decided he would not want to hear what I had to say. I waved, smiled, and said just that:

“Hi again! Look, I know you probably aren’t going to want to hear this, but my life is dedicated to working with animals, and I spend a huge amount of time working on behalf of pit bulls. I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t at least try. Can we talk for a minute about why I want you to reconsider breeding them?”

“Okay” (Wow! He said okay. Neat!)

“You see, it is clear that you really love Z, and this is not meant to be an attack on you personally… but I wonder if you are aware of the number of pit bulls at the county shelter right now?”

“I know, Man. That’s messed up.”

“So you do know how many are in the shelter right now, and that most of them will be euthanized? Did you also know that all across the US shelters are overflowing with wonderful pitties who will end up in garbage bags today and every day?”

(He stares at me)

“I am talking to you about this because I thought you might want to know. It makes me sad to hear that you’re breeding them, when for every dog you produce, another in the shelter loses his or her chance at life. I wanted to let you know this, so that maybe you will reconsider.”

“Yeah, well it’s my grandpa who’s the breeder. He has a license to breed them and everything, He is real careful about selling them and shit. We don’t fight ‘em, we sell them for protection.”

Here is the place where I had to count three breaths before I responded, “And I can see that your grandpa has taught you well about respecting the breed and cultivating a friendship with Z. That’s great! Can I buy you lunch so we can talk some more?”

Long story, but after sitting on the curb outside as he nursed his milkshake and just talking for 30 minutes, he was asking questions and really doing some thinking. People came and patted Z, who was loving the extra attention. We talked in detail about euthanasia, something about which he had very little information. We talked about why it is especially hard to swallow the fact that anyone would think of breeding pit bulls when just 10 blocks away – where Denver borders our neighborhood – countless innocent dogs have been lost because of Denver’s insane breed ban. We talked about the opportunities available for him to work with pit bulls and the other ways he can gain respect and feel pride – like training, speaking out against breed bans, and educating people about the breed. We agreed that it is likely Grandpa may not change his mind, and will probably tell him the crazy lady at the grocery store was off her rocker, but he promised to talk to him.

It was a better outcome than I had expected, and I guess the reason I’m sharing this is because I’d like to encourage others to try for a minute move beyond the anger, and try to talk to people like this young man. While we might want to flip out and scream, it sometimes pays to try to channel a much calmer, less horrified person for a few minutes… and try to talk to them like we really believe they might change. The result may not always be like this, so be safe, but please do consider speaking up. I am glad I did.

And what did I learn?

I found that had more in common with this this kid than I thought, Yo.

Pit Bulls are currently banned in our nearby city of Denver. More on breed ban here:

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