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"No-Kill" is a culture, not a definition – Interview with Aubrie Kavanaugh

This is Donut a 1 year old Pit Bull Mix. He was supposed to be destroyed 2 weeks ago (L.A. Shelter), because of agression issues.

We had the great pleasure to interview our dear friend Aubrie Kavanaugh (Paws4Change) a second time to talk about the “No Kill” movement in America. Our first interview with Aubrie covered general information about her animal advocate website, a highly informative source of information about animal welfare, puppy mills, shelter dogs, spay & neuter programs and many more animal-related topics. You should also check Aubrie’s Reading Room with many excellent book recommendations.

Aubrie is an animal advocate, supporting animal rescue groups. This time we discussed some interesting aspects about the no kill movement with her and shed some much-needed light on the term “no kill”, covering such topics as:

What is a “no-kill shelter” or how does a city get the title of a “no-kill city”? Who is responsible for the mass killing of dogs and cats in shelters? How many animals are destroyed in shelters each year and why?

Everyone who cares about animal welfare, animal rescue, animal adoption and/or his/her local pet rescue group should take 30 minutes to listen to this interview. We want to thank Aubrie for sharing this information with us and taking the time on the side of her actual work to help animals in America.

The dog in the picture, “Donut”, has a story. Please check his rescue story here.

Paws 4 Change


Facebook: Paws4Change

Interviewee: Aubrie Kavanaugh / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

No Kill Movement – Aubrie Kavanaugh by PackPeople

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