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Support ASPCA's No-Pet-Store Campaign – It takes 1 min. to take the online pledge now

We love Puppies – We hate Puppy Mills – Stop shopping in Pet Stores! Remember, most pet store puppies come from puppy mills and they won’t stop selling them without pressure from committed People like you. Please tell every person you know to take the pledge to save puppies and stop this cruelty. We need you. […]

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A powerful documentary film – The practice of puppy mills – Please help sharing!

Tonight on HBO – at 8pm – August, 24  Dog Lovers- Dog Advocates – Animal Activists – Dear Friends and Supporters  If nothing matters – there is nothing to save! Please, please, please share and use the power of Social Media! I just found this and I really want to encourage everybody to support and create a buzz about it. From […]

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Activism, Advocacy and the Choices We Make – Audio interview with Aubrie from Paws 4 Change

We recently had the great fortune of discovering, a highly informative yet personable animal welfare advocacy website that shares a strong, dedicated point of view. Webmaster/creator Aubrie Kavanaugh considers herself an animal welfare advocate armed with a laptop, as evidenced by Paws4Change’s address of many important and useful subjects, selected and compiled thoughtfully and […]

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Say NO to Puppy mills!

Commercial dog breeding in puppy mills Puppy mills are just profit orientated commercial dog breeding facilities.  Several different breeds for pet stores are bred  in puppy mills under horrifying conditions. Operators of puppy mills do not pay attention  to health and genetic diseases due to inbreeding. Mass-producing pets for profit is horrible and should be […]