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Say NO to Puppy mills!

Commercial dog breeding in puppy mills

Puppy mills are just profit orientated commercial dog breeding facilities.  Several different breeds for pet stores are bred  in puppy mills under horrifying conditions. Operators of puppy mills do not pay attention  to health and genetic diseases due to inbreeding. Mass-producing pets for profit is horrible and should be stopped by now! The real victims are the female adults, they have to give birth every single heat cycle and never get out of their cages. Kept outside in small cages, no matter it’s cold, hot or raining. No exercise, no health care, no social contacts. These dogs are inbred and over bred, just to provide the pet stores with new fuel.

It should not be a trend to have a fancy and cute puppy. Be smart and responsible, don’t buy a puppy from backyard breeders or pet stores. We have to take away profits puppy mills make every year by over breeding to make them stop.

Around 8.000 puppy mills are existing in America that produce more than a 3 millions puppies a year. Being ignorant and to think I’m just buying one puppy and I’m going to save a life, is totally wrong. If you buy a puppy from a pet store, you open a new place for the next puppy from a puppy mill. All puppies in pet stores look great groomed and styled and people think the are from responsible breeders. If you follow back the papers, you can find out that 100% of these cute puppies are from puppy mills. If we don’t stop buying these poor animals from pet stores, cruelty against dogs will never end in puppy mills. These dogs suffer. Stop backyard breeding and puppy mills! Spread the word and convince your friends to check a pound, shelter or rescue organization first. 80% of the dogs in animal shelters are purebred and many puppies are waiting for a forever home. Convict people of buying a dog/puppy from a pet store.

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