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Dog Insurance. YES or NO?

Helps to pay the bills or just a rip-off?

When we moved to Los Angeles last year from Germany we wanted to insure our dogs right away. Both of our dogs were insured in Germany and we just had good experiences with it. It saved us hundreds of Euros every year. After asking around, we realized that to insure your dog is not very common and most of the people feel very uncomfortable just to speak about it. 7 of 10 dog owners didn’t have a insurance.

So, first we didn’t insure the dogs till the day came, when Samson had a blown stomach (stomach twisted) and a surgery bill around 4.000 $.

First it was a shock, with a insured dog we could save this money. Germany is and was never expensive like this, even surgeries are just the half of the prices. I made my decision to insure both of our dogs, but how can I find the right insurance company with the best coverage? I started to search, read and compare for days, then we ended up with VPI for Lilly and ASPCA for Samson. Both of them cost us 89 $ a month. For us, VPI has the better service and coverage and less hided clauses. It depends on the coverage plan you choose for your dog, some plans almost cover everything but never 100% of the Vet invoice. Different levels are available, starting at Make sure they are not limited with Vet’s they pay for and you can visit the vet of your own choice.

I would always recommend people to insure their dogs. Specially when dogs get older and start to have some issues here and there, vet bills can frustrate very quick. It brings you peace of mind, when you have an emergency and you know the insurance will cover it. You can ask the vet, if the insurance would cover the bill or call the insurance company at that particular moment.

If you think in relation to the vet bills you can get, it’s affordable!

Links to the Insurance companies coming soon.

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