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Its getting cold – wrap up your dog!

Sweater or not?

We often use: It is raining cats and dogs, especially in autumn and winter.
But what do we do, when it is really raining and freezing outside? Huskies and dogs with a thick fur will love the weather, but how about the dogs with short or almost no fur?
Depending on the breed it makes sense to dress your dog up to keep them warm and comfortable. If you look up dog apparel on the internet, you will get quickly an
overwhelming choice of clothes for dogs.

Before you get a trendy sweater with jewels or a chic rain coat for your best friend, check some of the following aspects:

  1. Does my dog really need clothing? Dogs with long and dense hair should not need clothes in winter. They are warm enough. If your dog is small and short-haired, a warm clothing could
    do fine in winter.
  2. Is my dog used to wear clothes? Some dogs are really angry, when they get clothes on. So it is upon you to decide whether it is useful that your dog wears clothes or not. If your dog is
    fine without, even when it is very cold outside, you won’t need any clothes.
  3. Be careful with longhair breeds. In general, those dogs don’t like any sort of clothes.

When you are sure, that you need clothes for your doggy, you can even make that stuff on your own.
But if you prefer to buy it, you should measure your dog before. Like human beings, dogs don’t like
clothes that don’t fit…

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