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How to groom your Dog!

Groom your dog at home!

Tips and tricks to bath, cut nails, clean ears and eyes and brush your dog without hassle. Use this opportunity to bond with your dog, get him used in early age, let your dog have a pleasant experience once a month in his/her familiar surrounding and use it as another source to give attention and affection. Bathing & grooming are essential to a healthy pet. Special breeds have special grooming needs, we try to keep it simple and general.

Some dogs love the water, but some not. If you want, you can jump together in the bath tub or use a special basket, or do it outside in summer time.

You need:

  • warm water.
  • the right shampoo for your dog. Ask your pet store, or search the internet for the right product for your special dog. My dogs love aromatic shampoos.
  • the right brush.
  • a clipper for the nails ear cleaning tissues. Ask your vet, how far you can clip the nails and how deep you can go with the ear tissues.  Never clip or clean to deep!
  • clean towels.
  • toothpaste and toothbrush (you should brush the teeth of your dog more than once a month:)).

Make sure that:

  • your dog had a nice long walk before you start.
  • he/she is in a calm state of mind.
  • the temperature of the water is warm, not to cold and not to hot.
  • often dogs slip in showers or bath tubs, they try to jump out or get nervous. Try to calm your dog down without yelling or harming your dog. Use a mat, a big towel or try to bath him/her with a second person who holds the dog still to prevent injuries.
  • you have a treat to give after all.

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