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Exceptional Care and Dedication – Interview with Marlene from Animal Ark [Audio]

No-kill is resounding throughout the U.S. and many shelters are becoming no-kill or getting informed about the movement. We were searching for no-kill shelters and rescues to interview and found Animal Ark located in Minnesota. Unlike some other shelters, Animal Ark maintains a no-kill philosophy toward animal rescue and adoption. Most people didn’t believe that no-kill was possible… now it’s not only possible, but it’s happening in many areas of the country.

Animal Ark is a unique concept, and we would love to see more animals living and treated as per Animal Ark’s exceptional standards. Homeless pets (dogs, cats and rabbits) are housed in a home-like environment. There are no concrete and stainless steel runs/cages for dogs, cats live in large open kitty apartments and bunnies enjoy a luxurious life in bunny suites. Pets receive medical attention, training and socialization. Sounds like paradise for adoptable pets! Animal Ark is indeed a special, loving and caring place for animals on earth.

We were honored to speak with Marlene, the founder and President Emeritus of Animal Ark. Marlene talks about her shelter facility, the no-kill movement and educates us with deep insights in animal welfare.
Safe innocent life’s don’t kill! – Interview with Marlene from Animal Ark, Minnesota by PackPeople
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Animal Ark's Campaign for 2012

Animal Ark, founded in 1977, is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to educating people about responsible pet ownership, the importance of spay&neuter and reinforcing the bond between humans and animals. A Community Platform was created to provide information, questions and fun stuff, where animal lovers meet virtually to share news, pictures and chat. The Animal Ark Thrift Store, an idea from the President Emeritus, Executive Director and Founder of Animal Ark, Marlene Foote, was established to help support the rescued animals by selling items donated by generous animal lovers. The shelter is located in Hastings, Minnesota; and you can find The Animal Ark Thrift & Pet Store on 809 E. 7th Street in St. Paul.

About the interviewee: A peace pole was dedicated to Marlene Foote, in honor of her years of service to companion animals. This says a lot about our interviewee Marlene Foote, an animal advocate with many strong convictions. Through her passion and dedication to animal welfare, Marlene has made a huge, positive difference in the lives of animals. She strongly believes that companion animals that are rescued should be helped, not killed.

Animal Ark


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Twitter: @MNanimalark

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When Elephants Weep: The Emotional Lives of Animals by Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson and Susan McCarthy

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This article is simply not true. Animal Ark has recently killed a young 8 month old puppy for resource guarding after refusing to obtain any veterinary consultation and without pursuing any other training (as this article states above – it says that pets receive training, so that’s a lie) or alternative home options. Training and a forever home was offered to Duke, the young puppy who didn’t get a chance at life. Mike Fry, the son of Marlene Foote, who you ‘rave’ about above, is the man who deemed Duke’s life unnecessary and ordered Duke’s death. I believe that Mike Fry, the son of Marlene Foote, has extremely questionable ethics. Marlene Foote, who claims Animal Ark is so excellent, knows all of this and allows all of this. Mike Fry needs to be let go of his position as Director at Animal Ark and someone who actually cares about the well being of animals and isn’t always off creating drama and miscellaneous tangents needs to replace him. If Marlene Foote ‘strongly believes that companion animals that are rescued should be helped, not killed’, then Duke would still be living. Shame on her, shame on Mike.

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