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Dogs for the Deaf – PackPeople Interviews Vaughn Maurice

Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. is dedicated to rescuing and training dogs to assist people with hearing loss, autism, panic/anxiety, physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Founded in 1977 by Roy G. Kabat and funded by donations from individuals and service groups, Dogs for the Deaf has rescued and professionally trained thousands of dogs to help people and enhance their lives, while maintaining a lifelong commitment to the dogs they rescue and the people they serve.

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Vaughn Maurice, General Manager of Dogs for the Deaf, Inc. We learned how this special and praiseworthy organization rescues, professionally trains and places assistance dogs into households, discussed their application process and shared information on requesting a demonstration. We also talked about the Autism Assistance Dog program, the difference between a Service Dog and an Assistance Dog, how you can help Dogs for the Deaf maintain their free services and how you can host your own Dog Walk in 2012, helping Dogs for the Deaf achieve their biggest Dog Walk ever.

We’ll provide the transcription for this interview shortly.

Watch the video interview:

Listen to the audio:

DOGS FOR THE DEAF – Interview with Vaughn Maurice by PackPeople


Twitter: @DogsForTheDeaf

Facebook: Dogs for the Deaf, Inc.

You Tube: Dogsforthedeaf

Also, here’s an excellent video that explains the great work of Dogs for the Deaf:

Vaughn recommends checking their website for information about their Dog Walk on June 2, 2012 (under News & Events)

also, great information about Assistance Dogs can be found at

Assistance Dogs International, Inc.

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