Fundraise (Beta)

We care about our animals!

If you are an animal rescue group, welfare organization, sanctuary, pet care service, charity, community or an individual who wants to make a positive impact on animals lives, PackPeople is creating a free platform for you to make online fundraising, donating, organizing and mobilizing fun, easy and effective.

We empower people and help you learn how you can make an positive impact on the lives of animals. We’ll soon be providing all the online tools you need to get involved, raise funds, awareness and participation – while making a life-changing difference.

What will the new platform provide? Once you’ve been signed up, you would have your own space on PackPeople for your fundraising and organizing. Think of it as a “member profile” of sorts, and the points it would cover, in a nutshell, are:
• Your PackPeople group home page shows all your fundraising campaigns, members and social actions online, giving potential donors clarity and confidence to support your rescue or a specific cause
• Specific volunteer activities and events or targeted fundraising campaigns allows you to tailor how you raise donations
• Customizable URLs and the user-friendly ‘Donate’ button make supporting easy for family and friends of all ages

That’s from the testing version, basically it’s a place on PackPeople where people could go to learn more about/donate to/get involved. We are currently looking for beta customers, if you are interested in signing up please send an Email to There are no costs involved.

Our free platform is nearing completion. We plan on launching this phase mid-September 2011.
Our topmost blog entry (“PackPeople adds your fundraising to our mission) is a current update regarding the fundraising platform.
Join the list of the top 50 organizations, sign up for free here – please fill out the form. Thank you!

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