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Interview with Matthew from Arm the Animals – Stylish T-Shirts generating funds for animal rescues

Speak For The Speechless! Defend The Defenseless! Arm The Animals!

This is the mission of Arm the Animals, a young team of dedicated pet lovers designing, creating and selling stylish T-shirts that make a statement, raise awareness, and generate funds for small, struggling animal rescues. Almost one year ago I visited the Flea Market in Pasadena where I saw Arm the Animals selling T-Shirts with a very unique print on it – my attention was caught by a gorilla holding a machine gun in the air.

Last week we had the great pleasure of interviewing Matthew Heinemeyer, the Co-Founder of Arm the Animals. Rufino and Matt talked about how Matt and his friends came up with the idea to start this unique business, how they decide on the T- shirt designs, how celebrities have been eager to support their mission and the importance and responsibilities of owning a pet. Listen and learn how Arm the Animals helps animal rescues with passion, purpose and eye-catching design.

Arm the Animals – Interview with Matthew Heinemeyer by PackPeople 

Arm the Animals


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