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Pet Names: The Top Ten

Need a name for your puppy, kitten or your new dog or cat? Have you just adopted a dog you love… without being a huge fan of its actual name? Yes, we can change their names without any problems, but which name should you take?

I hear lots of funny names for dogs and cats every day. Some people go with the trend or pick a “brand” name like Lady Gaga or Coco Chanel. I’ve heard names from Mr. Winston Churchill to Nostradamus, Daddy, Thriller, Pepper, Orienta, Jackson and so on.

My dogs’ names are Samson (RIP), Tika (RIP), Lilly, Red and Police (RIP); my cat’s name was Osman. I changed Lilly’s name from Bruni to Lilly, because she is a silly French Bulldog — and silly goes with Lilly. Samson was a puppy when I got him; I knew he was going to be a strong big dog and I really liked the name “Samson,” so I went with it. Police was our guard dog in Turkey, a Caucasian Ovcharka mountain dog, and we thought Police was just the right name for him. Tika was a rescued mutt, a street dog from Greece with a name we liked, so we kept it. Red is our latest addition to the family. I wanted to change his name, but kinda got used to Red and I always call him Teddy — he is the cuddliest dog I have ever had.

[From Rufino: This might sound eccentric, but I just always wanted a dog named “Ringo”... and when I found my little black-and-tan Corgi/Pug/Dachshund/Beagle mutt (the shelter had named him “Oreo”) I knew then and there: that’s Ringo! That’s my little “star”! Okay well, thanks for listening, ‘bye]

The list of names is endless, but which are the top ten names in America? We also put together a list of German dog and cat names, as well as the most used celebrity dog names in England (just for fun; after all, we’re an international crowd).

Most popular in America:

Male dogs 1. Max 2. Buddy 3. Rocky 4. Bailey 5. Jake 6. Charlie 7. Jack 8. Toby 9. Cody 10. Buster

Female dogs 1. Bella 2. Molly 3. Lucy 4. Maggie 5. Daisy 6. Sophie 7. Sadie 8. Chloe 9. Bailey 10. Lola

Male Cats 1. Tigger 2. Tiger 3. Max 4. Smokey 5. Sam 6. Kitty 7. Sassy 8. Shadow 9. Simba 10. Patch

Female Cats 1. Kitty 2. Sassy 3. Shadow 4. Patch 5. Lucky 6. Misty 7. Sammy 8. Princess 9. Oreo 10. Samantha

If you don’t agree, tell us why, or what you think!

Most popular in Germany:

Male and Female dog names: 1. Sammy 2. Jack 3. Oscar 4. Emma 5. Sam 6. Bruno 7. Max 8. Anton 9. Buddy 10. Finn

Male and Female cat names: 1. Benny 2. Kyoko 3. Luna 4. Fleur 5. Estelle 6. Gregi 7. Grisi 8. Jay Jay 9. Fabienne 10. Tamis

Celebrity dog names – most favorite in England: 1. Tyson (Mike) 2. Harry (Potter or Prince) 3. Ozzy (Osbourne) 4. Robbie (Williams) 5. Rooney (Wayne) 6. Beckham (David) 7. Paris (Hilton) 8. Elvis (Presley) 9. Jessie (Wallace) 10. Britney (Spears)

Which ones do you like the most? Or if you think our list is incomplete and want to add another name, let us know.

Tell us why you picked your pet’s name – we’d love to hear about it!

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