Pet Care

Is this a behavioral issue?

Behavioral issues, devil dog, bad dog

Shelby the Devil. Shelbyyyy come, come here, come over here, Shelby, Shelby come here right now!

Sounds familiar? Are you calling your dog and he/she doesn’t really care? He/She is so busy with sniffing the grass and hunting squirrels. Hundreds of dog trainers, dog behavior professionals and obedience trainers are on the market willing to help us to solve the problems. But what to know and how to choose the right trainer and which technique is right for you? Questions over questions. But this is a other post I’m going to write in the future. We’re not dealing with the trainers today.

What are the reasons for aggression, dominance aggression, fearful aggression, jumping up on people, pulling on the leash, not coming when called, anxiety and separation anxiety, obsessions, phobias…? Understanding these behavioral problems is the key to knowing what steps should be taken to remedy the issues.