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New documentary: Street Dogs of South Central – Interview with filmmakers [Audio]

Are you aware of the stray dog problem in Los Angeles? No? Well, approximately 30,000 dogs live on the streets of L.A. – some surrendered by their irresponsible owners, some dumped on the street, others never had a home. It’s an ongoing challenge for animal welfare groups, rescues and animal control services to reduce the number of stray dogs in L.A. Once caught by animal control, many dogs (especially Pit Bull mixes) are euthanized by the thousands every year in the U.S.

Fortunately, many spay & neuter programs are working hard to reduce the number of newborn puppies. In the City of LA, mandatory spay/neuter is the law, supported by great low- and no-cost options, so spread the word!

Elsie and her puppies in South Central. For more pictures check our gallery or visit Dogs of South Central's Facebook fan page.

Bill Marin (Director) and Vince Ueber (Producer) have made a powerful documentary about stray dogs surviving on the streets of Los Angeles, a film called “Street Dogs of South Central” which helps shed light on the pet overpopulation problem. Narrated by Queen Latifah, this feature length documentary follows the story of Elsie—a mother struggling to raise her litter of puppies in a harsh urban environment. Every day, Elsie and her brood travel the streets of South Central in search of food and shelter. Their daily struggle for survival in the ghetto is brilliantly captured and emotionally revealed in this captivating film. STREET DOGS OF SOUTH CENTRAL captures the truly challenging conditions in which these canines live and reveals how the dogs adapt with their innate abilities.

We had the great pleasure of talking to Bill and Vince last weekend. Listen to our audio interview and share our blog post to raise awareness about our stray dogs, and this new important new documentary.

Street Dogs of South Los Angeles – Interview with the film makers by PackPeople NEW: We’ve made it easier to listen to our audio interviews! This audio is  24 minutes of highly interesting and educational content. Use the little flags in the blue bar in the SoundCloud Player to navigate through the questions and content. Get this interview as a Podcast here.

Bill and Vince recommend:

The New Encyclopedia of the Dog by Bruce Fogle

The Ecology of Stray Dogs: A Study of Free-Ranging Urban Animals by Alan M. Beck

To help the street dogs, please click here.

Facebook: Street Dogs of South Central


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The movie is not yet available in stores or online.

To find out more about screenings and when and where to watch it, you can stay informed through their Facebook page. To help the street dogs, you can click on the ‘help’ section of their website. Here is the trailer:

More clips:

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My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story – a film worth watching and sharing

Last May 16th, which marked my 45th birthday as well as Ringo’s 3rd (Why not? I asked myself), my sister gave me a DVD titled My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story. I am so glad she did.

Have you all heard about this? The film was made a couple of years ago, and I’m typically late coming to any party, but now that I’ve finally watched it (earlier this morning), I have to recommend it to anyone who cares about dogs, animals in general; basically, anyone who cares about anything. My Dog (lovingly directed by award-winning playwright, author and film/TV writer Mark St. Germain) is more than a documentary, it’s a thoughtful, meaningful collection of interviews with celebrities and noted professionals from all walks of life who share about their relationships and experiences with their dogs.

For months, my sister has been asking, “Have you watched it yet?” and I can’t believe it took me this long. The journey on which these grateful humans and their loving pets take the viewer is worth taking over and over again, while helping save lives: twenty percent of each dollar earned by My Dog is donated to animal welfare charities designated by the film’s participants.

My Dog has too many highlights to list, but there are moments as varied and inspiring as the late, wonderful Lynn Redgrave’s introduction to puppy Viola, forging a bond that helped her cope with cancer; the hope and healing felt by Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis as he works with dog agility training and cares for his beloved Nipper; a poem read by Billy Collins in which a master’s dog shares thoughts on aging, from the dog’s very specific point of view. Yeah, that one kind of did me in.

I love this film and think it would make a great gift for yourself or anyone else. Just so you know, PackPeople isn’t getting anything from promoting this film, other than the satisfaction of sharing something well worth seeing. I’m enthusiastic because it really affected me. I hope others out there get to experience it, and will feel the same way. Here’s a link to NEWVIDEO, where you can find out more about, and purchase, My Dog: An Unconditional Love Story.