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To Treat or Not To Treat?

Treats for dogs

The dish on giving your dog “people food”

Our dogs can be so darned cute that it’s tempting to lavish them with the finest things possible… but remember: they’re dogs. What may be our idea of a delicious treat may not always be the healthiest option for our little friends… and the way we give it to them can affect their behavior more deeply than we might expect. Finally, before you give your pet a special treat, ask yourself exactly who you’re rewarding: your dog, or you?

“People foods” warrant really careful consideration. Know that certain foods, even in tiny amounts, can be toxic, even fatal, to dogs. Raisins, for instance, may cause kidney failure, and only a few macadamia nuts can cause muscular tremors or paralysis — a huge price to pay for a seemingly innocent snack. Before you decide to give your dog any food that isn’t expressly prepared for dogs, be sure you’ve done your homework and investigated a few educated opinions on the subject, by asking veterinary experts or studying online.

Lilly Recommends Pet Care Product Reviews

Dog food product reviews – Tested by: Samson, Lilly, Red and Ringo

This is part II of “Whole Foods” for Animals – Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies. Dog nutrition is a huge topic as well as a giant industry, and even choosing the right treat for your dog is as complicated as choosing the right dog food. I’m not a canine nutrition expert and I just write about my personal experience with my dogs. With a tremendous amount of information provided on the Internet, you can read for hours, but still don’t know what to feed. I would always recommend reading the list of ingredients and compare. Sometimes smaller companies offer higher quality food than the bigger, better-known brands.

Are you eating trash? No? So why feed it to your dog?

As I promised, we are going to test all the treats and food samples I got from Centinela… I mean, the dogs tested them. I was curious: which one they would take if I show them 2 options, so I always showed two different kinds to the dog. They had to decide by the smell. It was interesting that all dogs decided to take the Duck Treats first.

Product List: Buffalo Paddywack, Deer Antler, Dried Duck Treats, Natural + Raw Patties (Stella & Chewy’s), Duck Treats by Lotus and Frozen Marrow Bones.

Here are the results:

Lilly’s favorite: Antler Chew + Deer Antler + Dried Duck Treats

Samson’s Favorite: Dried Duck Treats + Frozen Marrow Bones, he was not so crazy about the Deer thing, he also refused to try the Buffalo Paddywack (Picky Grandpa)

Red’s favorite: Buffalo Paddywack + Duck Treats + Antler Chew + Everything

Ringo’s favorite: Duck Treats + Buffalo Paddywack + Everything (note from Ringo’s Daddy: Yeah, I held up different pairs of treats and as soon as I said, “Okay”, he would always go to the Duck Treats first… but he certainly didn’t mind eating everything else afterward; he’s an eating machine. – Rufino)

Now, it’s my turn to say something about the treats and food. Some treats smell awful and I can’t stand them in the house, like bully sticks or pig ears. The dogs usually have to consume them outside in the yard. I never feed pig ears, I just tried it once… and decided that this is something I’m not going to buy again. The deer thing started to smell after Red licked it for 30 min. and carried it under my desk. I opened the Duck Treats and I was surprised about the pleasant smell. The other treats really didn’t smell intensive.

Lilly doesn’t really chew, she swallows everything. I always watch her eating the Duck Sticks, they can get stuck in her throat and I have to take them out. Sometimes it works, but mostly not. For the safety of your pet, always observe your dog when feeding your dog treats, bones or chews. If you feel that the product has become a choking hazard, please discard.

The winner is: Dried Duck Treat

A very good resource to get informed and to see what other pet owners think, is:

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