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What is Cauda Equina – Lumboscacral stenosis syndrome?

My dog is dragging his rear legs and he can’t control his back. What’s happening?

That’s exactly what I was thinking 3 years ago. We want to share with you our experiences with this very serious disease. Our Dogue de Bordeaux “Samson” was 6 when the disease that occurs at the lumbosacral junction in the lower back started.

It’s a relatively frequent neurological disorder in big to larger dogs. The term sacral refers to the sacrum, which is the part of the spine that joins the lumbar spine and the pelvis. This disease is also known as the Cauda Equina syndrome. This term comes from the Latin for “horse’s tail”. At this level, the spinal cord is no longer a tubular structure. Instead, it is a collection of large nerves that have the appearance of a horse’s tail. These are the bones in the lower part of the spinal column.

Lumbosacral stenosis syndrome is instability at this strategic point in the spine. The most common symptom is progressive sharp pain and the most devastating cases can evolve to full paralysis.