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We have 6 million chained dogs in the U.S. – Interview with Tamira from Dogs Deserve Better the Pioneer of the anti-chaining movement

Tamira Ci Thayne – The Godmother of Anti-Tethering, a passionate activist and advocate, an author of two books founded Dogs Deserve Better in 2002 to educate people and inform about the issue of chained and penned dogs. She works hard toward appropriate legislation, speaks in front of communities and provides very informative materials on her website about the problem of chained and tethered dogs. After having seen dogs chained up 24/7 without socialization, mostly under bad conditions and sometimes without shelter and isolated from their families – she knew she had to take action.

Along with dispelling any myths that these dog are enjoying their outdoor environments, this interview will better inform you to help the chained dogs in your community and will shed light on which laws will help chained and penned dogs.

We’re quite honored to feature Tamira Ci Thayne, the “The Peaceful Dog Warrior”.
Dogs Deserve Better – Interview with Tamira by PackPeople

Tamira is hard at work getting “The Good Newz Rehab Center” built and needs your help for her mission. If you can help with fencing supplies, grain-free dog food and dog toys, please contact Tamira and support Dogs Deserve Better’s tireless work through donating and volunteering. There are more chained up dogs in backyards and properties than you would ever expect.

Dogs Deserve Better:


Twitter: @dogsdeserve

Facebook: Dogs Deserve Better

For book and link recommandations please check Tamira’s latest book is out:

  • Capitol in Chains – 54 days of the doghouse blues by Tamira Ci Thayne

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