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"Whole Foods" for Animals – Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies

Centinela Food & Pet Supplies


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Sunday, 17th of July. After a nice Adoption event with Pacific Coast Dog Rescue dogs on Saturday which we held in front of a pet store, something I never experienced before, I decided to visit this store the next day with David and Lilly. I wanted to buy some dog food, chewies and compare products and prizes, because the day before I had been impressed by the attractive displays and clean environment of this new (for me) pet store, but couldn’t go too deeply into the products. We had 6 dogs outside waiting for potential adopters; were taking the dogs out of their crates, walking them, taking pictures and talking to people.

David and I walked into Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies in Burbank, CA and were surprised that the store was almost empty. It was early and most of the people had decided to get out of Los Angeles on Friday to avoid the “Carmageddon” which was announced days before (they closed an important freeway for the weekend). My first impression was “Nice… they have bigger-size shopping carts with excellent rolling”, not just deep as the normal ones, where you almost break your back while lifting the heavy food bags and dropping them in. These were wide, but not deep.

So far, so good! We walked through the store to the dog food I always buy for Red and Lilly (Holistic Food). The big bag was 4 dollars cheaper (nice!). We also had to buy some wet can food for Senior-Samson, he doesn’t eat very well at the moment and we have to trick him with wet food. I also needed dry food for Samson and I was looking for Royal Canine’s Food for Giant Dogs.

We couldn’t find it and we caught the attention of the friendly young lady who works at Centinela, who asked us:
Do you guys need help?

ME: Yes, we need help, we are looking for Royal Canine for Giant Dogs.
She: Hhhhmm… I’m sorry we don’t carry this food anymore.
Me: Oh no, why not?
She: They changed the formula, it’s supposed to be a very good food, but since they are adding more grain and fillers into the food, we don’t sell it anymore.

(That’s a good sign – that they kick out food if it doesn’t fulfill their requirements.)

Me: Oooopsss, I didn’t know that they changed the formula.
She: Yes, they did – and it’s not high-quality anymore.

(Our French Mastiff, Samson, only eats this food – 10 years of Royal Canine – he denies everything else. Even the most expensive food, no way I can make him eat other food. He loves the big chunks.)

She: This food is excellent (she is pointing on the bag in my cart). You should try raw food for your big dog, we have great frozen patties. Did you try them?
Me: NO.
She: It’s really high quality food and I feed it to my dog as well.
Me: He likes the wet food, but I’m not sure about the patties, also he can’t have chicken and he is super picky with food.

She showed us the food in the freezer and offered for us to take some samples home first and to decide then. She came back with some empty ziplock bags and gave us turkey and fish patties to try with  Samson. We talked a little longer about food and treats. David and I had the feeling that this girl was super competent – and not just a sales person. Usually you never get a proper answer, or you have the feeling they don’t know what they are selling in these pet shops.

So, David, Lilly and me were walking around and exploring the store and all of its “All-Natural Products”. I’m always looking for food and treats on a natural or holistic base; I don’t want to feed trash to my dogs. I spent hours reading the backs of dog food packages. David said: “This is Whole Foods for Animals”… and he was right. Walking around, I was thrilled by the variety of treats and chews they offer. Lilly got a lot of treats and we ended up with many samples for our dogs. I checked the collars, toys, crates, beds, almost everything and realized this shop carries just the good quality stuff. We ended up with a bunch of stuff in our cart and spent 35 min. I decided to buy some of the new things I have found and to test them on the dogs to write reviews for our community of responsible dog owners.

Here are the items from our shopping receipt:

  • 2 Bags of Duck Jerky (Buy one get one free)
  • 1 Bag of Blue Fish and Sweet Potato Dry Dog Food
  • 1 15′ Black Nylon Lead (For Red’s training)
  • 1 Natural Balance Beef Roll (Red’s training)
  • 1 Natural Balance Lamb Roll
  • 2 Frozen big Marrow Bones
  • 3 big Buffalo Paddywack Chews
  • 1 Beef Bone
  • 1 Deer Antler Chew
  • 1 Airbed Orthoair (for Samson’s old Bones)

You get a immediate discount of 10% or 15%. The dogs are testing all the good things and we’re going to publish our reviews and rankings in a few days….please sit and stay.

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2 replies on “"Whole Foods" for Animals – Centinela Feed & Pet Supplies”

Centinela Food and Supply was awesome! This is truly the Whole Foods for pets. The space is large, clean, friendly and the choices are beautiful. Strange word to use but you must have stepped into a Pet-Co and found yourself wondering what those smells are and when someone will be cleaning up. Centinela was further away from the convenient Pet-Co or other pet stores from us but it was WELL worth it.

Our puppy, Nikola has been in my boyfriend and my life for two months now. As you adapt to each others lives you can go through some hardships. Like cleaning accidents at 4 a.m. or realizing that toy is not a toy, it’s your wedged heel that you love so much and now have to part with. All in all Nikola, has been an amazing rescue. My one big concern with him was getting him on the right food. We tried a couple of things, don’t laugh, bison! Yes, raw bison for a puppy. After that didn’t settle well with him or us we moved to Orijen. That seemed to be okay for a week but Yurda, my friend and part time pet advisor suggested Blue Buffalo, Lotus wet food and a splash of Omega! Her dogs always seen happy, healthy and ready to play! When we were visiting her she fed Nikola a bowl and he fell in love with it. The next couple of days we continued to feed him and the results are outstanding!!!!!

Headed over to Centinela Feed/Food and Supply yesterday to get stocked up! I also needed some playful items. A kong to keep him busy and this really tuff cool toy that lions and tigers were literally playing with called the Jr. Ring by This is a sturdy little guy and Nikola loves throwing his head around in it. Hysterical.

The employees/girls that helped me, Reyna, were awesome at by the way. One girl just picked up the 30 lb. bag of food and put it in my basket then helped me to my car with it. Go Girl!!!!
I look forward to my next visit. You should check them out too. I think you will be really happy you did. So will your pets!

Items Purchased: Grizzly Salmon Oil Dogs, Classic Kong Red Medium, VP Tuffy Jr. Red Paw Ring, 30 lb. bag of Blue Buffalo Dog Fish and Sweet Potato, 2 cases of Lotus Beef and Asparagus Wet dog food.

Leslie Geldbach and Grant Kirkwood- Proud Parents of Nikola!

Thank you for sharing, Leslie. Nikola got responsible and very loving pet parents. Nikola is happy and I’m very happy he found his way to you guys. Thanks for adopting him!

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