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Book Review: Soldier Dogs by Maria Goodavage

Book: Soldier Dogs

Author: Maria Goodavage

Publisher: DUTTON, Penguin Group (USA) Inc.

PackPeople review: “The cover looks awesome” said one of our friendly, dog-loving boys at the front desk while I was unwrapping Maria’s new book a few weeks ago. I agreed, the hardcover layout is great. Let’s see how the book is:

You don’t have to be a dog lover to enjoy the 293 pages of this book. Goodavage’s newly-released book uncovers how military working dogs are procured and trained to become field-specialized, while she enlightens readers toward the training and work of a military dog and as well as their history and related scientific studies. A terrific balance of heart warming stories and interesting facts, Soldier Dogs addresses  these dogs’ heroic accomplishments, the special bond between handlers and dogs, a military dog’s life after retirement – all while impartially addressing the conflicting ethics of employing canines in battle.

The book is subdivided into 4 parts: I. Dogs in Harm’s way; II. Nature, Nurture, and Training; III. The Dog Trainer and The Scientists; IV. Dogs and their soldiers.

“Military working dogs are amazing in every respect, and even more so when you realize that they risk their lives and save yours, all so they can have a ball.” – Air Force Staff Sergeant Christine Campos/Dog Handler

Maria’s writing style is accessible and human – we definitely recommend it as a must-read.

Check out Maria’s audio interview with Rufino and learn about her background, the book and more here. You can also win a copy of Soldier Dogs by entering Ringo’s Raffle. Have fun!

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