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‘Soldier Dogs’ – Interview with author Maria Goodavage [Audio]

Maria Goodavage’s book Soldier Dogs will be released on Thursday, March 15 – and we had the great pleasure of talking to the accomplished author last week. We want to share this great interview with our audience, as her stories of soldier dogs contributing to military efforts – and the special bonds that develop between them and their handlers – truly celebrate the heroism, loyalty and sacrifices of these amazing dogs.

Listen and learn about what prompted Maria to write this book, how she got inside information about dogs working for the U.S. Military, what happens to the dogs after they have retired and much more.

Please also check out the bonus photos of some of these great soldier dogs at the bottom of this article… you’ll enjoy them!

Win a copy of ‘Soldier Dogs’ today and also read our review of Soldier Dogs here. You can also get involved and read Maria’s article to inform yourself about a very important bill to pass – the “Canine Members of the Armed Forces Act.” SOLDIER DOGS – Interview with author Maria Goodavage by PackPeople

Billy was one of the few dogs whose kennel Maria got to enter during her research. That's because he's an explosives detection dog (EDD) as opposed to a patrol explosives detection dog (PEDD). You can read about the different occupations military working dogs have in chapter 10, The Diversity of MWD jobs. (Photo: Gunnery Sgt. Kristopher Knight)

About the author: Maria Goodavage is the news editor and a featured writer at Say Media’s She has been a reporter for USA Today and the San Francisco Chronicle, and is a founding editor of a national guidebook series for dogs, and author ofThe Dog Lover’s Companion to California and The Dog Lover’s Companion to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Goodavage has had a longstanding passion for the dogs of war, which started when her dad – also an author – used to tell her about the stray pups (and wayward monkey) he took in while overseas in World War II, and about the military dogs who helped save lives – and sometimes soldiers’ sanity.

She lives in San Francisco with her husband, daughter, and affable Labrador retriever.

Buy Maria’s book here on PackPeople and support non-profit organizations. We’ll contribute 20% of our profits to Animal Welfare Organizations.

Maria’s book and link recommendations:

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For more information, resources and recommendations please also check the ‘Soldier Dogs’ website.

Twitter: @MariaGoodavage

Facebook: Soldier Dogs

YouTube: Soldierdogsbook’s channel

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