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Helping rescues and shelters evaluate dogs – Interview with Dr. Amy Marder from the Center for Shelter Dogs

Dedicated to improving the welfare of homeless dogs cared for by humane organizations, animal control facilities and rescue groups, the Center for Shelter Dogs is a free program of the Animal Rescue League in Boston and provides expert knowledge through workshops and other educational offerings.

Dr. Amy Marder is a Clinical Behaviorist and leads the Center, which draws on the expertise of its staff to incorporate clinical medicine and epidemiology into its strategies, establishing a world-class program on behalf of shelter dogs.

We had the great honor of interviewing Dr. Amy Marder, and talking about the innovative Match-Up II Shelter Dog Rehoming Program, as well as the most common behavioral issues of shelter dogs and how rescues and other animal welfare groups can learn to improve every dog’s life in a shelter through Match-Up II Online.

Web: and

Facebook: Center for Shelter Dogs

Twitter: @Ctr4ShelterDogs

Match-Up II Online: to find out more about the next free Match-Up II Online webinar. Next Match-Up II Online training webinar: Thursday, November 17, 2 p.m. – 4 p.m. (Eastern) – to begin registration, send an email to Dr. Amy Marder at

Yurda attended the Match-Up II Online Webinar with Dr. Amy Marder, and found that Dr. Marder and her team have designed a program which is not only very effective but also easy to use [It’s a free Webinar – and I was astonished at how detailed and elaborate it was. A team of professionals and experts have come together to create an extremely well-thought-out program. – Yurda].

Dr. Amy Marder’s recommended link/websites:

Association of Shelter Veterinarians – features ASV Guidelines for Standards of Care in Animal Shelters:

Animal Farm Foundation – Securing equal treatment and opportunity for “Pit Bull” dogs:

National Canine Research Council – Preserving the Human-Canine Bond:

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