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Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals – Interview with Jane Hoffman

The Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, Inc., founded in 2002 and powered by Maddies’s Fund, The Pet Rescue Foundation, with support from the ASPCA, is a coalition of more than 150 animal rescue groups and shelters working with Animal Care & Control of NYC (AC&C)to end the killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs at AC&C shelters. To achieve that goal, the Alliance, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, helps its Alliance Participating Organizations (APOs) work to their highest potential to increase pet adoptions and spay/neuter rates, with the goal of transforming New York City into a no-kill community by 2015.

We had a great time interviewing and learning from the President of Mayor’s Alliance, Jane Hoffman. We’re excited to share with you Jane’s experiences, knowledge and projects in helping New York City’s Pets.

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals –

Twitter: @MayorsAlliance

Facebook: Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals

Interviewee: Jane Hoffman / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (PackPeople)

Please check out this highly interesting audio interview here:
MAYOR’S ALLIANCE for NYC’s Animals by PackPeople

Jane recommended following websites:

ASPCA Professional –

Humane Society of the United States –

Maddie’s Fund  –

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3 replies on “Mayor's Alliance for New York City's Animals – Interview with Jane Hoffman”

Please request Ms. Hoffman to provide the training and standards of care that the Mayor’s Alliance requires for qualified rescue organizations directly to New York City Animal Care & Control itself. The conditions and policies at NYC AC&C are in critical need of improvement, and numerous adoptable animals are needlessly euthanized. NYC can immediately and significantly act on its pledge to evolve into a “no-kill” municipality. Thank You.

Ms., Hoffman should not be in charge of the Maddie’s Grant she was given !

She’s contributing to all the healthy dogs & cats that are being slaughtered everyday at the NYC’s CCAC in both our 2 shelters .

Yes, we only have 2 shelters in a HUGE City .
We are suppose to have a shelter in each 5 boroughs .

The Alliance isn’t following the contract with Maddie’s Fund that animals can’t be killed for space.
They’re over exaggerating illnesses & temper so animals can be murdered .

Killing Dogs & Cats for colds that can be treated with a simple antibiotic .

And the temper ratings are a sadistic a joke !

How , would you act if you where is a faraway place from your home, lived in filth ,smelled foul scents & death in the air ?

And ,Ms.Hoffman , keeps on extended the date that NYC will be NO-Kill .
The grant gives her a great salary I’m sure she that doesn’t want to lose !

I dearly hope that Maddie’s comes to their senses & takes away their grant .
NYC has gotten even worse for the animals since Maddie’s has filled Ms.Hoffman’s pockets with GOLDEN COINS !!!

My main concern is the ACC lacks appropriate facility space to cater to these animal. NYC is one of the most densely populated places in the United States, and there are only three modestly-sized centers in all of the 5 boroughs. There should at least one center in every borough, and some of the larger boroughs, like Manhattan and Brooklyn, should have two centers. There should be a way to secure more funding for this and increased staffing. I am from NYC and every time I visit (just last week), I am always struck by how many abandoned buildings and stores there are. Surely, there is space available, it’s more about will and funding. The mayor is a billionaire. I am sure if he put a fraction of the money he put toward his personal campaigning toward this, there could be more infrastructure. I know this is not how it is done, but why not?

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