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Oscar – A miserable, lonesome dog in Indiana

Gunter - Chow Chow Mix
This is not Oscar. This dog is waiting for a forever home at the North Central Animal Control & Care Center/L.A. CA. His ID# is A1177509. Please contact (888) 452-7381 if you are interested in Gunther.

We published Sadie’s story last week and mentioned that there is a 2nd dog in need in Indiana, involving the same dog advocate as in Sadie’s case. She’s been trying to get the dogs out of this horrible situation for over 10 months now and is devastated. She has reached out to Dogs Deserve Better and the Border Collie Rescue, without success. She contacted PackPeople in February and told us about Oscar and Sadie, hoping we would listen to their stories.

“For the past almost 10 months and sadly there’s no help out there. It’s a long story and the list of people/organizations I contacted. Please contact me and I would like to share so it can be voiced. I am seeking help for a couple of dogs who are facing extreme neglect from their owners. I am trying to find help to team up with rescues to reach out to the families with education & compassion to either have them bring the dogs inside their house as part of the family or have the dogs go to families that would accept them and provide care.  I want to ask you if you know any dog lovers here in Indiana that can team up with me and reach out to this family with education and compassion to the family for these poor dogs…“.

As an animal welfare platform we think that it is our duty to share these stories and raise awareness for these poor neglected dogs. We want to give Sadie and Oscar a shout out and try to help by publishing both dogs’ stories. Please contact us and we’ll provide the contact information for this dedicated animal advocate. Unfortunately, we don’t have any pictures of Oscar, but here is the concerned advocate’s email about Oscar’s miserable life:


This dog is an Aussie Shepherd named Oscar in Westfield, IN was abused all his puppy life. At the age of a year and a half Oscar got adopted by a lady who groomed him, took him to obedience school, loved him… in short gave him a better life. Soon after Oscar was adopted, the lady passed away leaving behind a husband and 3 children. The husband took the dog out of the house and placed him in a cage to live there 24/7, away from the house down the hill. It’s been over 7 years since Oscar is in a miserable state there. The house is out in the country. Oscar can only see light in the house from where his cage is. He barks all the time craving love and attention.

One cup of food a day gets thrown at him…food has been cut down to minimum as they think the dog is fat whereas it’s only hair, dirty cold water to drink, cage gets cleaned once in 7 to 10 days.. he’s forced to lay around his poop. He doesn’t get groomed anymore either, no activity or human interaction at all. Oscar’s bark echos in that wilderness.

The man (owner) still wants to keep the dog but he also said he has no time for the dog. He thinks that dog is an alarm system and that he lets him know if there’s someone outside, whereas the dog is barking himself to death out of misery and pleading to let him out. I think that man might be willing to let him go to a family that would accept him as a part of the family. He has absolutely no education about the dog’s breed or basic needs.

I really need help myself in order to reach out to Oscar. Would you please know of anyone that can team up with me to reach out to Oscar… or if you would help me with this in some way I would truly appreciate.

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