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Review: Earth Heart's Guard Well Aromatherapy Mist

Product: Earth Heart Guard Well Aromatherapy Mist for Dogs

What it does: All-natural Aromatherapy mist helps dogs find relief from environmental irritants.

Manufacturer: Earth Heart Inc., Dundee, IL

PackPeople Review: Since I’m volunteering at animal rescues I have found that some of the rescued dogs are scratching behind the ears and  the abdominal area. The kennel environment is very stressful for the dogs and some have started to create a kind of a tick to scratch their bodies and some have skin irritations due to different circumstances. Some don’t tolerate the food and some just have sensitive skin.

The 3 dogs we have using the mist are not having serious skin issues and don’t need any medications. We were recently offered the chance to review Guard Well an all natural product using pure essential oils and other plant-based ingredients. Earth Heart makes several different mists like Canine Calm, Travel Calm and Buzz Guard. We received a 2 fl. oz/60 ml spray bottle for review.

Our first impression upon opening the bottle and spraying it around in the office is that this mist smells really good – not overpowering.

Other Earth Heart products: Canine Calm, Buzz Guard, Travel Calm

I just called my dogs to me and applied 2 sprays on Red’s upper back and 1 mist on Lilly’s chest. Both were looking at me like “what is that?” and turned their heads away from the product when I tried to let them smell the bottle directly, but they didn’t mind the spray, which smells herbal. The fluid left no sticky or greasy patches on the dogs’ coats.

Now, the dogs in the shelter: My friend told me that 2 of 3 smaller dogs with sensitive skin and 1 with skin irritations stopped scratching after an application of Guard Well. She told me they have put the bottle in the fridge and the cold spray supported the effect even a little more. They used Guard Well 2 times a day for a week, in the morning and in the late afternoon and she noted that while all dogs didn’t like the smell (which is totally normal I guess; they are sensitive with scented products), no dog showed any aggression or inconvenience against the product and all dogs relaxed after using.

“The smell is pleasant to me” my friend wrote:) and another plus is that the instructions were clearly inscribed on the bottle – no need for notes to other staff members about how to use it. It has a mild, light odor and it can be used without any concern.

If you look up the ingredients you definitely need a dictionary for plants (most in latin). Its ingredients are: Water, polysorbate 20; pure essantial oils of Melaleuca quinquenervia (niaouli), Ravensara aromtica (ravensara), Boswellia carteri (frankincense); potassium sorbate.

If you have a small to medium-sized dog you are fine in ordering a small bottle of Guard Well, for a larger to giant breed dog you’ll need to order more bottles. For the first try, a small bottle is fine, but in our case we would need a bigger size of Guard Well. We would appreciate bigger bottles with a price saving for larger dogs or for organizations.

We agreed: Guard Well gets a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and a thumbs up!

Price: A two-ounce bottle of Buzz Guard sells for $11.98 on the Earth Heart site.

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For More Information:

PackPeople were not paid for our review and all opinions are our own and the opinions of our friends working at the shelter.

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