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Good scents to help your dog – Interview with Vicki Rae Thorne from Earth Heart

Earth Heart was one of the sponsors of this years BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta where they  caught our attention. We want to introduce you to a set of awesome products by Earth Heart, Inc. which are made to help your dog with anxiety issues, with sensitive skin, to keep your dog calm when you travel and to protect your dog from bugs.

Earth Heart currently have 3 different aromatherapy products available that were specifically designed for dogs by Vicki Rae Thorne, a certified aromatherapist and master herbalist.  Nearly 12 years ago, Vicki was approached by a kennel owner who wanted help with calming her canine visitors. The dogs missed their families and felt anxious, agitated, angry or depressed. The formula now known as Canine Calm was developed to diffuse in the kennel, and it worked from day one!

We had the great pleasure to interview Vicki Rae Thorne, founded Earth Heart in 1996 to help others learn how to safely and effectively use herbs and essential oils. Dogs can definitely benefit from aromatherapy. Listen to our great interview and learn how you can keep your dog away from chemical remedies, which Earth Heart Product could help to improve your dog’s life and learn how to use natural / herbal remedies safely and effectively.

Vicki also talked about their new shelter program they are introducing in 2012 and gave very helpful tips for the holidays and winter season. Very valuable information for PackPeople who are planning to travel with their pets to colder regions or who live in areas where it gets cold. Earth Heart Inc. – Interview with Vicki Rae Thorne by PackPeople

Earth Heart’s mists are made in the USA, packaged in BPA free containers, easy to use, and can be sprayed directly onto cloth, skin or fur without staining or leaving a sticky residue.

Tested Guard Well Product

PackPeople received a bottle of Guard Well for review. Please read our review here – Order online via PayPal from each of the products pages. To find a retail store near you, visit the Stores pages of Earth Heart. 

Get a  jumpstart on your healthy holiday with Earth Heart. Order one or more Earth Heart products by December 18th, and in ‘special instructions’ or ‘note to seller’ at check out, enter ‘Pack Thanks 2011’ and be sure to include the product name you wish to receive FREE with your order.

Earth Heart Inc. 


Facebook: Earth Heart

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