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Good scents to help your dog – Interview with Vicki Rae Thorne from Earth Heart

Earth Heart was one of the sponsors of this years BarkWorld Expo in Atlanta where they  caught our attention. We want to introduce you to a set of awesome products by Earth Heart, Inc. which are made to help your dog with anxiety issues, with sensitive skin, to keep your dog calm when you travel […]

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Flea and Tick Treatments – What’s Right for Your Pet?

Here’s another excellent entry from our friend Katie Jockers at and Beloved Beasts – valuable information about caution, precaution and caring for our best friends! [From Katie:] You want to be the best-ever guardian and friend to your pets, and are careful to provide the best nutrition and vet care. You make sure your […]

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The amazing dog care services of the PAW Team

We’re pleased to have recorded this wonderful and informative audio interview with Wendy Kohn, Executive Director of the Portland Animal Welfare Team. As you listen to her share her experiences and the daily challenges faced in this work, you’ll learn more about how and why this amazing team is providing veterinary care to the pets […]

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Give me a ride! Dog-friendly and functional cars.

Our dogs love to ride around in the car. It always takes them to interesting places – and it’s fun. They sit securely in the back of our SUV and enjoy the view while I drive. I can see their satisfied and happy faces in my rear view mirror. We have actually been very happy […]

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Spaying and Neutering

The Fix is In. Forgive me if I get a little passionate about this… but at what point will people realize that spaying and neutering may be one of the kindest things they can do for their dogs, for all dogs, and possibly for our planet? Around our neighborhood and at the dog park, I […]