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The amazing dog care services of the PAW Team

We’re pleased to have recorded this wonderful and informative audio interview with Wendy Kohn, Executive Director of the Portland Animal Welfare Team. As you listen to her share her experiences and the daily challenges faced in this work, you’ll learn more about how and why this amazing team is providing veterinary care to the pets of people who are homeless or in extreme poverty.

Portland Animal Welfare Team – Volunteer-based board of directors and a part-time staff helping dogs and owners on the streets of Portland and beyond.

Founded in: 2003

Founders: Barbara DeManincor, AHT; Heather Dillon, DVM; Sal Jepson, DVM; Wendy Kohn, DVM; Larry Sams, DVM

Interviewee: Wendy Kohn, Executive Director / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (packpeople)

Please check out this insightful and interesting audio interview here:
PAWTEAMInterview by packpeople

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The PAW Team recommends the following web sites to our packpeople community:

Fido’s City Guide –
The Pixie Project –
The Pongo Fund –
Fences for Fido –

as well as any local animal care and rescue organizations in your area.

Thank you PAW Team for your work and for this absolutely lovely interview!

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