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Find your perfect dog with Ace of Hearts Rescue Foundation

Ace of Hearts is dedicated to rescuing dogs, up to the day they are to be euthanized, from various Los Angeles shelters and placing them in loving homes. We interviewed Kari Whitman, Founder of Ace of Hearts, and we’re excited to share with you her experiences, knowledge and projects in helping rescued dogs find homes.

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue Foundation, – 501-c3 non – profit organization located in Los Angeles

Founded in: 1999

Founder: Kari Whitman

Interviewee: Kari Whitman / Interviewer: Rufino Cabang (packpeople)

Please check out our highly interesting audio interview here:
ACEOFHEARTSInterview by packpeople

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Twitter: @AceOfHeartsDogs

Websites Kari Whitman would like to mention are:

Greener Pup

Pet Friendly Travel

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