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Lost Dogs: Hows, Whys and Lowering the Risk

A dog that loves you can still run away! Barley, the German Shepherd next door, loves his owner. It’s not uncommon to see him jump on his daddy, give him a great big kiss, then sit dutifully at his side. It’s also not uncommon to see Barley unattended, in the street; or as he was […]

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Lost Dog – Simi Valley, CA – Search Troop on this weekend

LOCAL POST LOST DOG – SIMI VALLEY, CA WE NEED A SEARCH TROOP! I was hiking with my dogs this morning in Porter Ranch area off the 118 Freeway and saw a lost dog flyer. Cracker got lost on Sunday, she is a 10 year old curly coated brown Retriever. NEEDS SPECIAL FOOD! She got […]